Summer 2022

38 Apr22098 Best Healthy Catering Business - Metro Phoenix A catering service that has made a name for itself with exemplary products, excellent customer service, and efficient work, Cuisine By Celine ensures to accommodate any diet. Its flavourful, healthy, and safe foodstuffs have been specifically developed to ensure everyone in a party enjoys their food, and it takes great pride in adapting itself to any client’s needs, requests, and specifications in order to fit this brief to perfection on a reliable basis. Moreover, its unique recipes have made it a gem amongst catering companies, and it has developed its reputation for excellence based on this. Cuisine By Celine is a catering company that has developed food guaranteed to keep everyone in a client’s party well-fed, happy, energetic, and ready to participate in the event or social gathering a client has planned. Nominally, it takes great in this element of its business, as its recipes have been specifically developed to be both delicious and healthy in a way that leaves guests satisfied, but not overly full, sluggish, or bloated. It achieves this by way of delicious and well-balanced meals that can be adapted to any client needs: this includes dietary restrictions, event themes, and venue restrictions, and it works hard to become a partner to a client over the time it is serving them, turning catering into a mutual passion project. In essence, it grants its clients the ability to put their faith in the professionals. Catering, after all, shouldn’t be a massively stressful thing to sort. Indeed, in the opinion of Cuisine by Celine, it should be something that the customer has an active hand in designing and is excited to serve to their guests during their celebrations – no matter the stress levels of the wider event planning – thanks to Cuisine by Celine’s empathic, understanding, and punctual service. Serving professional athletes, bunches, out of town guests that are visiting Phoenix, locals in need of a one-of-a-kind dinner bash, and all manner of other clientele, it always keeps the customer front and centre, never forgetting that they are the core of their event. Celine Fabre herself, the owner of Cuisine by Celine, carries herself and her company with an unmatched level of excellence that has earned her applause from her peers and market segment both. With dedication, high standards, memorable service, efficiency, and elegance, her promise is that a client will always walk away satisfied and, in return, they have left her and her company the most glowing reviews that have allowed for continual growth – even throughout the tumult of Covid-19. Going forward, it promises to keep up the good work, and looks forward to serving customers old and new in the coming years, from wedding parties to NFL and NBA players: truly, for this catering company, all are welcome. Company: Cuisine By Celine Contact: Chef Celine Website: