Summer 2022

40 Jun22299 Excellence In All Things For those who have the money to spend, investment is the obvious path. With so many other responsibilities, however, it pays to turn to a trusted team to guide that investment. Oakmount and Partners Ltd are experts in this regard. In 2022's Leaders in Luxury Awards, the team were named Most Trusted HNW & UHNW Investment Consultancy, 2022. We took a closer look to uncover precisely how they do it. The ethos of Oakmount and Partners is best surmised by the motto: “Excellence in customer service is our minimum standard.” For this team, good enough simply will not do. At every stage in proceedings, they aim to offer their clients a truly exemplary service, building a reputation as a premier investment platform with a global reach. Their clients are not simply names and numbers, but real people with hopes and dreams who need support and assistance. Since the firm was incorporated in December 2009, CEO and Managing Director Glenn King has pushed for the finer things in life on his clients’ behalf. Despite the firm being a relative newcomer to the financial scene, he instantly saw it rise up to the highest of financial standards. These standards have been reached through acting with integrity, and by never settling for what has gone before. No two clients are the same, and so the depth of service offered by the Oakmount and Partners is carefully adapted to suit the needs of each individual circumstance. Some prefer to be more actively involved in the management of their investments and some rely on the teams guidance to assist with the decisions that will support their future goals best. The versatility of the team’s approach means that no matter what your preferred path of choice or structure, they can offer you the guidance and support you need. For many investors, particularly in the HNW and UHNW markets, the areas in which they invest are often more important than the eventual return. Oakmount and Partners has made its name through prioritising the needs of the clean energy, commodity, green mining, tech and IPO sectors of the market. These are markets which are expanding, and will become more and more important in the years to come. Clients have found that this approach has often generated startling success, optimising performance in the medium- and long-term whilst not exposing investors to unnecessary risk. Being based in Essex has brought the team incredible opportunities to the team, allowing them to engage directly with London’s impressive financial institutions whilst remaining separate from them in every important way. This close connection is how the team are able to discover the latest information that affects the markets. The team, as a whole, has spent years working in key sectors giving them invaluable insight and the ability to leverage the information they learn for their clients’ benefit. When people turn to Oakmount and Partners, they find a team determined to meet the unique needs of their clients, offering an approach which is truly second to none. Their customers depend on them, and so they have committed to never giving up hope and always pushing boldly forward on behalf of their clients. Despite the youth of the firm in terms of age, it has proven to boast a maturity which reflects the impressive standards they’ve set for themselves. We cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Oakmount and Partners Ltd Name: Glenn King Email: [email protected] Web Address: