Summer 2022

45 Mar22617 Carefully Tilled for an Unforgettable Occasion For any jaw-dropping event you need a combination of good people, a brilliant location, and great food and drinks. You get all that as a package deal at the brilliant Tantalus Estate. The multi-award-winning Estate is due a deeper look into what makes the enchanting estate such a must-see. 2013 saw the founding of the Tantalus Estate, 8.3 hectares of preestablished land in the heart of Waiheke islands winemaking, carefully renovated and cared for to become a gorgeous location that draws in anyone in the area. The Onetangi Valley estate includes more than just a winery and an expansive restaurant that shows off the 5.3 hectares of vineyards to diners. Accompanying the elegant restaurant is the adjoined function room, a craft brewery, a sweeping tasting room, a very intimate private dining room, and a wine library tucked away from the main dining area. With the patio of the private dining room looking out over the green hills and the property dotted with botanical courtyards, is it any surprise the picturesque site is such a popular wedding venue? But there is more to a venue than its looks, no matter how breath-taking. Good food and drinks are just as important, and the Tantalus Estate has no problems on either of those fronts. The restaurant’s menu is built around dishes that use fresh, local produce – emphasising seasonality with its output, dishing up bold flavours complemented by its range of wines and craft beers. Combine tantalising dishes, delicious wines and stunning views of the vineyard and the valley beyond truly come together for a spell-binding event experience. Its world-class wines have won awards from judging panels and critics internationally, offering multiple ranges; estate wines, a reserve line and some regional varieties dealing in reds and whites. Its Merlot dominated Évoque, even securing 96 points out of 100 from Master of Wine, Bob Campbell. The future looks impressively bright for the Estate as it remains committed to the quality of its wines by continually improving the land, conditions, and plants. It has already been extensively replanted and re-grafted with meticulous attention taken at every step and detail, particularly through upgrading the nearby wetland and forested areas, planting thousands of natives and pulling out exotic species and weeds. There is a clear focus on the quality of the soil to the accompanying ecosystem, and every step is being taken (as part of a continuous rejuvenation and revolution) to ensure that its ingredients are of the highest quality. The estate is proud, elegant, and making its mark on history amongst New Zealand’s premier restaurants and vineyards. Standing tall even amongst the other wineries in the area, many have called to book their own events or to pop in and see the magic for themselves. With its gorgeous views and top-shelf beverages, it’s not hard to see why. Contact: Carrie Aitken Company: Tantalus Estate Web Address: