Summer 2022

48 Apr22039 Not only can the skin see negative effects due to ageing, but also because of environmental air pollutants which can lead to superficial skin damage as well as damage to deeper layers of the skin. Cult51’s Eye Repair Cream is clinically-proven to stop these air pollutants in their tracks before they can cause damage to the skin. The cream is instantly absorbed, working in harmony with the skin to firm, tone, diminish imperfections, and reduce creases, ultimately leaving the skin silky smooth and hydrated. And the more the product is used, the better the results. So, how are Cult51 customers finding the product? Numerous customers have left five-star reviews, with one saying, “I have only just started using Eye Repair and I am so impressed with the results. The serum is easily absorbed and has already begun to reduce the puffiness and dark circles around my eyes. I am excited to see what future use will do for me!” Another customer said, “Eye Repair is a bit more expensive than the eye creams I have tried before, but it was worth every penny! Not only are the results incredible (and fast!), but it has actually lasted me a lot longer than I expected as only a small amount is needed, so it probably worked out cheaper! Thank you so much for helping me get back my confidence.” A third customer said, “I have been using Eye Repair for a few weeks, applying the product every morning and evening. It’s worked wonders on my eyes. Dark circles are dramatically reduced, no puffiness, and fine lines are beginning to disappear. The product sinks in really quickly, is not greasy, and leaves no sticky residue. I also love the scent. Five stars all round.” Company: Cult51 Website: Cult51 resides from one of the finest countryside towns in Southern England, with its historic Georgian buildings lining quaint, narrow streets; a lush green park alongside the River Wey; and cattle grazing on the waterside meadows where canal boats dock up against the wharf. Priding itself on originating from such a beautiful location, Cult51 is a hub of innovation where founder and chemist, Richard Mears’ groundbreaking beauty products are formulated. Richard Mears founded Cult51 back in 2013 and is the genius behind the formulas that have become renowned for working skincare magic. Having formulated beauty products, and even best-selling products, for some of the world’s most esteemed skincare brands for 30 years, he decided to go on to create his own brand. Because he was becoming frustrated at formulating multiple products for different areas of the face and décolletage when he believed it was possible to develop a ‘onecream skin regime’ for the face without compromising on the ingredients. There was widespread scepticism within the beauty industry and he was told to ‘go on and prove it’. So he did. Two years later, Richard had proved it was possible with the Cult51 multi-active facial Night Cream. The secret is the scientifically-advanced ingredients that are clinically formulated to help the skin’s natural tendency to regenerate. The results are changing the way premium skincare is approached. The second equally acclaimed product in the range, Immediate Effect Serum was initially created for a world-renowned celebrity who wanted to look photo- and studio-ready in just 15 minutes. Today, it is a musthave for celebrity make-up artists around the globe. However, it is the company’s Eye Repair Cream that LUXlife hails on this occasion. Released in 2019, Cult51’s eye repair serum is designed to reduce puffiness, eyebags, and dark circles, along with the signs of ageing (wrinkles and crow’s feet) among the delicate skin around the eyes. There are a number of contributions that this product makes to look after the skin surrounding the eyes. It strengthens the blood vessels and improves circulation, diminishing dark circles caused by tiredness or genetics; it contains 15% pre-loaded oxygen which increases microcirculation to the area, including eyebags and puffiness; it increases the skin’s luminosity by up to 10% in just 30 minutes – competing against best expected laser treatment results; it reduces fine lines around the eyes by up to 36% in 24 hours; and it helps to protect the skin from premature signs of ageing. Situated in the picturesque market town of Godalming, Surrey, Cult51 is a revolutionary skincare brand delivering clinically-proven results. Founded by skilled and knowledgeable chemist, Richard Mears, Cult51 is an open and honest brand providing nutrition for the skin in the form of a single product. In light of the company’s success with its Eye Repair Cream in LUXlife’s Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards 2022, we take a look at what makes it stand out from the rest. Eye Care Specialists of theYear - UK