Summer 2022

8 Apr22544 exclusive tasting session in the privacy of a wine cellar? Who has not wished to taste the most precious vintages from the producer himself? Or to experience a perfect food & wine pairing, mastered by a gifted sommelier and a talented Chef? Its team are experts in designing and delivering private, custom-made tours that are entirely out of the ordinary, full of authentic discoveries and exclusive experiences. Exclusive France Tours understands that true luxury is by nature extraordinary – so its people ensure that each private tour, package and bespoke event is precisely that. At the same time, it tries to stay as “local” as possible by working with local artisans, finding local logistic services, and contributing to regional economies. Exclusive France tours is also one of the leading luxury agencies providing bespoke wine tours of France. It specialises in offering clients private visits to prestigious cellars that are often inaccessible to the public, including those in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, the Loire Valley, Provence, the Rhone Valley, and Alsace. It is indeed the love of wine that inspired the founder of Exclusive France Tours, Marie Tesson, to share the magic of the noble tradition that are wine tours and tastings with others. 20 years later, her passion has not waned and Marie continues to ensure that each customer’s experience is authentic and personalised, and truly a wine discovery like no other. If you’re looking for something that is out of this world, and totally unique, you should try Exclusive France Tours’ wine experiences. May of its estates are closed to the public and, as a hub of excitement and originality, they are filled to the brim with an exciting and exquisite atmosphere that will leave you in awe. As you learn about wine tasting and winemaking, you will experience the grands crus that is led by experts in the field – these experts will guide you through the processes related to fine wines. Using Exclusive France Tours’ local knowledge and strong relationship with wine growers and other local experts, it offers you the chance to meet with some of the biggest names of the wine industry and experience some truly exceptional, usually inaccessible places and terroirs. The terroir comprises a set of environmental factors that give a wine, a variety of produce or any other crop its specific qualities and characteristics. These environmental factors include geography, geology and other less quantifiable factors. Exclusive France Tours’ wine professionals and specialized local guides are passionate to transmit their love for terroirs to you – they will help you to understand the secrets behind the great wines of celebrated terroirs, whether from Burgundy, the Loire, Bordeaux or the Cotes du Rhone. Well, at least some of their secrets – many remain zealously guarded by prestigious winemakers. Future plans for the agency, after winning this incredible accolade of Luxury Wine Tour Agency of the Year – France, are to become THE first reference for luxury tours in France. It is truly on its way, and we are rooting for it. Company: Exclusive France Tours Email: [email protected] Website: Exclusive France Tours is a tourism and events agency specialising in the very high-end sector. Its core target is a demanding foreign clientele in search of the exceptional, for whom it organises tailor-made stays and events in France. The agency also works in two areas of activity: tourism and business events (themed events, cultural tours, food tours, proposals and weddings, client receptions, seminars, outstanding dinners, incentive stays etc.), as well as the rental of splendid 2CVs vintage automobiles for leisurely drives or rallies throughout the Burgundy region, under the name 2CV Bourgogne Tours. From the simple rental of a 2CV to the complete organisation of a rally or a full day of adventure and discovery with drivers and/or guides, 2CV Bourgogne Tours creates tailor made itineraries for your private or business events. Due to the high expectations of its clients and its know-how acquired in highly prestigious events, Exclusive France Tours manages private stays and professional events in the same way: with consistently high standards of care and outstanding creative skills. Its team’s extensive knowledge of the French regions combined with a fantastic local network forged over the years are of course fully part of the keys to its success. The core activity of Exclusive France Tours has long been to design one-of-a-kind, entirely private French wine tours. Even though the agency offers a variety of luxurious packages centered around culture, gastronomy, outdoor adventure and more, wine-focused getaways remain some of their favorites. What wine lover has not dreamed of exploring France’s breath-taking vineyards in their preferred winemaking region? Or observing the painstaking and centuries-old processes by which the finest wines are produced, and getting the chance to meet renowned growers and producers? Who has not dreamed of a private wine cellar tour led by the grower, then enjoying an Boasting more than 20 years of experience in the luxury tourism and event industry, Exclusive France Tours is a cultural tourism agency that specialises in luxury tours of France, highend vacation packages, and upscale events. Operating nationwide in France, it is constantly striving for new, genuine, and rare experiences. LuxuryWine Tour Agency of theYear - France