Summer 2023

Dubai’s Leading Independent Speciality Café and Restaurant Tucked away in one of Dubai’s most upmarket suburbs, Stomping Grounds Café LLC is conveniently located just a leisurely walk away from the picturesque waterfront of Jumeirah 1 but hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Jumeirah Beach Road. Thanks to its warm atmosphere, delectable menu, fine coffees, and outstanding service, the café has been awarded Best Upmarket Cafe & Restaurant, Dubai, in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2023. Since opening its doors in 2015, Stomping Grounds has been setting new standards in the upscale casual dining sphere. It is now commonly known across the Arab region as a trailblazer on the speciality coffee scene, having brewed itself a dedicated following over the years. It welcomes a wide variety of customers, ranging from the UAE’s distinguished royalty to its diverse expatriate community. Eight years ago, Stomping Grounds was created with the mission of introducing Dubai to a revolutionary speciality coffee experience, delivered in a warm, inviting, and unique setting. Today, the café is proud to have accomplished this goal and even surpassed it in many ways. Now, Stomping Grounds boasts a curated selection of the world’s most refined and loved coffees, roasted at its very own roastery. However, it’s truly more than just a café. Serving some of the most elaborate breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, it’s also a unique culinary experience that leaves patrons craving more. The café provides a warm, rustic yet trendy atmosphere in which customers can enjoy topclass food and beverages. At the heart of the café’s success is a strong commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience to everyone it welcomes. From the moment they set foot in the building, customers can tell that Stomping Grounds was built on a desire to take visitors on a journey of flavour whilst sharing its love for coffee. Its professional baristas are willing to share their extensive knowledge and engage customers in conversation to help them understand the nuances of coffee. Over the years, Stomping Grounds has embarked on a journey filled with continuous learning and improvement thanks to its team’s relentless pursuit of excellence and passion for what they do. The team are meticulous when Apr23111 it comes to quality standards, consistency, and customer service. Stomping Grounds regularly provides staff training to ensure they are up to date on the latest industry standards and best practices. Always striving to create the best experience for guests, the café seeks feedback and takes it on board to better cater to their needs in the future. Since its establishment, Stomping Grounds’ values of quality, hospitality, and innovation have not only remained constant but have become deeply rooted in its ethos and culture. From sourcing the finest coffees to crafting delicious dishes, the café approaches everything it does with these values in mind. When hiring new staff, Stomping Grounds operates based on the belief that skills can be taught but attitude is inherent, so it seeks individuals who share its passion for hospitality and commitment to excellence. To attract the UAE’s top talent, the café offers competitive packages and a positive work environment. Because of this, it has garnered an impressive reputation for retaining staff over the years. The hospitality industry is highly competitive in Dubai, which is an extremely saturated city when it comes to cafés and restaurants. Stomping Grounds works hard to remain at the forefront of its industry by ensuring unparalleled customer service and maintaining creativity in its offerings. To provide the best food and beverages possible, Stomping Grounds sources the highest quality ingredients and makes no compromises when it comes to the presentation of its dishes. To bring out the best in these excellent ingredients, the café ensures that it hires chefs and baristas who are passionate, skilled, and trained to a professional level. Furthermore, its menu is regularly reviewed and updated, with regular quality checks and tastings undertaken to ensure that everything meets its meticulous standards. As a result of the outstanding culinary experience it delivers, Stomping Grounds was awarded Best Upmarket Cafe & Restaurant, Dubai, in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2023. The future for the café is extremely bright as it continues to enhance its offerings. In 2023, it plans to launch new menus and is in the process of expanding locally, regionally, and overseas. “We are ready for strategic growth and the opportunity to share what we have created,” comments Ryan Godinho, Founder and Owner of Stomping Grounds. Contact: Ryan Godinho Company: Stomping Grounds Café LLC Web: