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welcome to the Perfect Gift Awards 2022 LUXlife Magazine is delighted to present to you for the first year running The Perfect Gift Awards 2022! There can be true joy found in searching out the perfect gift for your loved ones and here at LUXlife we want to award the artisans that dedicate their time to creating gifts that will be treasured and enjoyed whatever the occasion. From the most decadent chocolate, jewellers and florists to the most sought-after gadgetry, homeware and handcrafted gifts, The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 honours all participants in the industry. Homing in on those who help gift givers create unforgettable moments and have demonstrated excellence within their chosen sector and market, regardless of whether that is on a global or local basis, to some of the world’s most discerning clientele! Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. Kaya Capriole: Best Ladies Accessory & Footwear Brand - UK 6. Willow & Wolfe: Best Luxury Gift Hamper Company 2022 – APAC & LUXlife Ethical Business Excellence Award 2022 7. Happy Elsie Shop: Vegan Bag Retailer of the Year 2022 8. Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars: Best Homemade Home Fragrance Gifts Retailer - Scotland 9. Wrap Buddies: Most Innovative Gift- Wrapping Tool - North America 10. Bumbles and Boo: Best Baby & New Parent Gift Store - UK & Baby Boy Gift Set of the Year (UK): Delightful Dixi Triceratops 11. Catori Collection: Crystal Shop of the Year - South East England 12. All Things Decor Ltd: Best Stand & Sequin Wall Company - UK 13. Creative Sparklez: Best Artisan Girl’s Birthday Accessories Designer - Canada 14. Jarilyn Jewelry: Leading Purveyors of Wearable Fine Art Jewelry 2022 15. WAG&WOOL: Best Sustainable Dog Apparel Company 2022 16. Bee Books MCR: Best Online Bookshop - UK 17. Dogs of Britain: Most Trusted Dog Treats eTailer - UK 18. Wee Forest Folk: The Perfect Artisan Figurine Gift Collection 2022 19. Eagle and Pearl Jewellers: Pearl Jewelers of the Year – USA

Page 4 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Jul22336 ‘Kaya’ means empowerment, faithful friend, one who has a sense for fashion, a woman of power. ‘Capriole’ is an equestrian term – not because the brand is affiliated with horses, but because it’s a powerful symbol – meaning a horse that jumps, poised with all four legs up; a difficult, well-trained move. This word was chosen because it represents jumping calculatedly and elegantly into power and success. This is how one feels when they are wearing luxury products designed by Kaya Capriole: ready for success and enjoying a guilt-free fashion product that will last a lifetime. Ultimately, Kaya Capriole is all about sustainability, being a socially responsible seller of ladies’ fashion, accessories, and footwear. It is a brand that has generated a serious buzz throughout the UK market with its ethical and elegant slow fashion lines, giving customers the option to go against the grain when it comes to fast fashion, enabling them to shop without a guilty conscience. This means they can enjoy brilliant products that suit a wide range of aesthetics without ever having to cross an uncomfortable moral line. Indeed, Kaya Capriole’s quality over quantity attitude, exquisitely designed apparel, and As one of the world’s most exemplary luxury fashion, footwear and accessories brands, Kaya Capriole is a UK based company making a name for itself with its ethical and front-running approach to its industry. In a world where fast fashion is the norm, creating tonnes of landfill, mega tonnes of environmentally harmful waste products – and a seriously mistreated labour force in several regions – Kaya Capriole strives to be a true pacesetter in the industry, showing consumers and peers alike that there are better options. Kaya Capriole Best Ladies Accessory & Footwear Brand - UK Page 5 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 unique accessories all allow customers to cultivate their style without the stress of whether the company they’re buying from can be trusted. Its creations have been crafted to make sustainability an equally pivotal part of the process as the workmanship itself. For much of it, the workmanship is itself reflective of this, as all its stock is carefully designed by its own in-house creative director, a true expert in timeless beauty when it comes to accessories that will never go out of style. It is this dedication to crafting the best accessories with the most unwavering commitment to the client’s happiness that has allowed it to reach a lofty enough station within its industry that serving celebrities is commonplace. In such instances, the company offers bespoke design services where it will custom create the best and most individually specific shoes unlike anything else on the market, perfectly in line with client specifications. This is something it has gained renown for both amongst celebrities and in the high-end wedding market. With its accessories having been worn in many star-studded arenas including the glittering Beverly Hills, Kaya Capriole’s clients are typically powerful women who are after something a little different when it comes to their wardrobe for various events. Its ethical, enthusiastic, and ever-efficient ways of working have endeared it to all elements of this market segment as a result. Additionally, it aims its shoes at anyone who appreciates fashion. Allowing clients to wear them proudly, becoming as much a part of the slow fashion movement as the companies who sell the products, it is happy to say that slow fashion has become more of a community than just a market segment, and is looking forward to seeing what this becomes in the future. The shoes a client wears, after all, should be a pinnacle of the outfit; Kaya Capriole doesn’t believe an outfit stops at the ankles, instead wanting to promote an appreciation for shoes as not just a tie-together, but a statement that a whole ensemble can be based around in order to evoke certain aesthetics. Notably, Kaya Capriole’s beautiful wood leather sandals do just this, being so unique that anyone would be in awe at the beauty of them. With the leather made out of sustainable wood, the sandal has the most epic texture made up of tiny hexagonal patterns interlinking one another to create the flexibility required to form the shoes, making them soft, supple, velvety, and luxurious. Beautifully designed, these sandals are feminine with elegant lines and come in three beautiful colours of black, fuchsia, and natural. Then there are the company’s killer pumps designed to make a statement and turn heads. They come in red, plum, emerald, navy, black and creole pink, and they exude confidence, passion, and power, with a supportive statement heel that shows true femininity. Kaya Capriole’s sandals and pumps will never age and can be worn with any outfit, whether with jeans or a cocktail dress. As part of its dedication to crafting extraordinary products for its diverse client base, Kaya Capriole’s motivated, creative, and wellsupported team operate in an environment where everything they need is to hand – whether this be certain materials, a specific amount of time for turnaround, or other professionals to bounce ideas off – creating a space of proud, happy, and inspired artisans. Each of these members of staff develop products using age old techniques, too. Although its business model, goals, and values are modern and progressive, it recognises the value in learning from past industry stalwarts, and has in this manner learned, adopted, and adapted the traditional ways its industry would create bespoke shoes and accessories, and made it into something that fits the contemporary world. Thus, Kaya Capriole’s small number of products being made available at any given time are all given the same amount of quality control and rigorous checking to ensure they represent the company and its staff well. Highly focused on motivation, freedom, fair treatment, and anti-discrimination, its workers are paid fairly and take great pride in their work, creating an environment that helps the wider ecosystem of both ecological and social corporate impact. With its belief in developing a space that promotes people and brings out the best in them, its biggest challenge thus far will be trying to remain small and ensuring that its environmental impact does not change as the need for more crafted products increase. Thus, despite the growth in demand – and following the successful expansion to the US and Canada, along with other countries - it remains highly exclusive and refuses to take on more than its artisans can handle, instead funnelling this growth into bettering the tools its staff have access to. Dedicated to making clients feel beautiful, sexy, and powerful, Kaya Capriole demonstrates how care for the environment can manifest in the most incredible results. Selling itself well to a myriad of newly interested clientele, its significant increase in interest across the pond promises to secure its current place at the head of the pack in sustainable goods production and development, its determination to operating ethically drawing in new stakeholders by the day. Moreover, with more product lines incoming, and a tireless ability to keep up with its industry, the company forecasts that its future is to stay this way for a long time – much to the pleasure of its clients old and new. Company: Kaya Capriole Website:

Page 6 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Susan and Sherman Ng came up with the concept of Willow & Wolfe one cold and miserable Sunday evening when they were living in London. Susan had just remembered it was her soon-to-be 92-year-old Grandma’s birthday on the Wednesday, and she lived in New Zealand. How was she going to get a gift to her by Wednesday? Whilst frantically searching the internet, Susan said, “Ugh, I wish that there was a NZ online business that sold luxurious and tasteful gift and food hampers with great quality products that she just can’t find in the supermarket.” With plans to move to New Zealand, they decided they were going to make it happen… Even if they did repeat this conversation for her father’s birthday, her mothers’ birthday, her sibling’s birthday, her niece and nephew’s birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, her friend’s wedding day, Christmas… Thus, Willow & Wolfe was finally born, creating a vast range of over 100 thoughtful gift hampers to suit individual tastes, from wines, gins, teas, and coffees, to cheeses, snacks, meats, jams, and condiments. Willow & Wolfe has a hamper for the most difficultto-buy-for recipient, and for any occasion – Because there is even a Build Your Own hamper option where you can select your Willow & Wolfe is a Kiwi business all about spreading happiness with stylish and contemporary gifts hampers whilst trading fairly and having respect for people and the environment. Its wide range of products is mostly made up of New Zealand artisan brands sourced directly from individual suppliers for their premium quality and ethical practices. Aug22127 Willow & Wolfe Best Luxury Gift Hamper Company 2022 – APAC & LUXlife Ethical Business Excellence Award 2022 own combination of gifts from over 400 available products. Willow & Wolfe’s hampers are curated without compromising design or ethics. Its suppliers are chosen for their uniqueness, charitable causes and ethical practices, highlighting both the quality of their products and the very real impacts of their social and environmental contributions. Indeed, Willow & Wolfe exists in its own little way to make the world a better place. Its goal is to connect consumers and companies that share a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Through its carefully selected gifts, the company hopes to raise awareness and highlight the very real impact of everyone’s collective consumption choices. That’s why every purchase made with Willow & Wolfe contributes to authentic change and empowerment through its suppliers’ ethical contributions and charitable causes. For more information about Willow & Wolfe’s suppliers, visit: Ultimately, Willow & Wolfe’s customers can’t get enough of its gift hampers, with one customer saying, “Fantastic service and prompt delivery. The hamper I ordered was a birthday present and it was a delight to see the recipient open it. Beautifully presented with an immaculately written gift card message. I have no hesitation in recommending this business to others!” Another customer commented, “Just had to let you know how thrilled I was to receive my lovely gift. My daughter lives in Sydney and organised it over the phone with you. She said you were very helpful and lovely to deal with. We will both be recommending you to our friends. Thank you.” A third customer was also delighted with the service received: “The team at Willow & Wolfe are always very quick to respond to queries, advise on any potential issues, and do their best to accommodate requests. Customer service is something they do very well.” Company: Willow & Wolfe Contact: Email: [email protected] Website: Page 7 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Whilst Happy Elsie Shop does sell leather products, it has gained an abundance of traction thanks to its luxurious vegan range. Indeed, featuring unique colours and styles, Happy Elsie Shop is unlike anything else currently on the market – so, join us as we explore the store that exudes glamour… Happy Elsie Shop Vegan Bag Retailer of the Year 2022 Jul22499 Opulent handbags are Happy Elsie Shop’s speciality. Beginning with neoprene, the company quickly found its niche creating woven and vegan leather bags, with these now being some of Happy Elsie Shop’s most popular items. Such products have been designed to encourage women to live the best lives they possibly can; Happy Elsie Shop hopes to motivate, inspire, and empower through premium quality products. As the website states, the products ‘elevate the soul to that realm where the “happy factor” is found.’ Moreover, Happy Elsie Shop boasts spectacular ranges of hats, headbands, and keychains, with every product being designed with care. Quality is at the epicentre of every Happy Elsie Shop item – no matter whether it’s a vegan bag or a bejewelled headband – and as a result, the products are beautiful whilst remaining sturdy, guaranteeing a long lifespan. In essence, Happy Elsie Shop is a fashionable, trendy, sophisticated company. It does all this whilst remaining affordable. Many of Happy Elsie Shop’s products are listed at competitive prices, including its vegan leather bag range that offers designer quality without the extortionate prices. Consequently, Happy Elsie Shop is an exceptional place to find a gift for a loved one or, of course, a treat for yourself! Elsie Mendez, the company’s founder, comments, ‘the perfect gift is hitting the mark, being right on point to what the person likes, wants, and will be happily surprised to receive. Our bags do just that.’ However, the company, despite its success, has had to overcome several challenges since its founding, including the current state of the economy. Yet Happy Elsie Shop’s radiating positivity dictates that there is no hurdle too high for the company – it can overcome anything, and it knows that it will thrive. This is, in part, thanks to its location in South Florida, which is home to a highly fashion-conscious market. It is a hub where women from around the world can explore their country’s vibes, culture, and great sense of fashion. Passion is an additional force that is guiding the store; there is a shared ‘can do’ attitude that is infused within the company and its team, with much of this attitude stemming from Elsie herself. It strives to remain on the cutting edge of fashion, utilising its wealth of knowledge to create products that elevate women to the next level, helping them to transcend the barriers that society has placed upon them. The company is currently preparing for a great season to end 2022, launching My Happy Sleep, an online destination that offers high quality, comfortable, fashionable travel necessities for leisure and business travellers at a great value. Featuring travel plush socks, cosy, luxurious blankets, trendy, heavy duty luggage, unisex backpacks and the My Happy Sleep Bag™ - fashionable yet discrete one-of-a-kind bags for CPAP, BiPAP and AirMini CPAP machines. There are over 80 million users in the US and over 100 million plus in the world who suffer from sleep apnoea. Elsie ensures that customers feel confident and happy when travelling, and is – ultimately – destigmatising sleep apnoea one stylish bag at a time. Contact: Elsie Mendez Company: Happy Elsie Shop Web Address:

Page 8 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Hannah Taylor launched Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars in 2019 while in lockdown during the pandemic. She was unable to continue with her work in the construction industry, so she took the opportunity to explore her creative passion full time – creating cosmetic products. Hannah has always made her own products, from bath bombs to candles, and recently, beeswax lip balms. When the opportunity came to put her products out there, she grabbed it with both hands. She needed to make sure her products were unique and that they were handmade, believing that handmade products are vastly underrated and that they carry sentimental value. Every product Hannah produces is freshly made to order – handmade, hand poured, hand pressed, hand wrapped, hand packed, and hand labelled. Her customer has always been the priority; they deserve the best and that is what Hannah provides, quite simply because creating these products is her pride and joy and her business couldn’t exist without her customers. Hannah tells us, “I’m all about handmade. When I receive a gift that is handmade, it is just so overwhelming. It is always the person behind the scenes who doesn’t get the acknowledgement; those hands, their time, their skills made that gift so sentimental or custom-made for the individual. You can’t put a price on the reactions and you can’t put a price on the sentimental value. You just can’t beat a handmade gift.” Not only is producing high quality handmade gifts a passion of Hannah’s, but also doing Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars is an independent cosmetic company based in Helmsdale, Scotland offering a range of eco-friendly handcrafted soy wax melts and candles, reed diffusers, bath bombs, toilet fizzers, bath powders, and so much more. Jul22483 Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars Best Homemade Home Fragrance Gifts Retailer - Scotland it in a sustainable way. She has teamed up with Tree-Nation so that for every product she sells, a tree will be planted in the customer’s name. She is also proud that her products are 98% eco-friendly, working every day to remove as much plastic from her products as possible. Hannah’s bath bombs are packed in biodegradable eco-friendly bags, and her candles are packed with eco foam made from corn starch which can easily dissolve in water. Also, her diffusers are packed and boxed in natural craft boxes. Ultimately, it’s all thanks to Hannah’s dad, Christopher that Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars exists, with Hannah saying, “If it wasn’t for my father encouraging me to reach out and grab those dreams, build my confidence, and have a go, I would never had bothered. My dad has been my rock throughout this whole process.” And Hannah is showing no signs of stopping. This year, her focus is on expanding her wholesale platforms and her presence on independent marketplaces, with her business having taken off so well. Her customers just can’t get enough of her products, describing them as “divine”, “fresh” and “addictive”, and loving the way they are delivered to their door “at the speed of light”. We are truly rooting for Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars as it continues living up to the name of Best Homemade Home Fragrance Gifts Retailer – Scotland. Company: Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars Contact: Hannah Taylor Email: [email protected] Website: Page 9 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Valuing innovation, ingenuity, and simplicity, Wrap Buddies has made itself the best way to wrap a gift so the outside of the present reflects the care that went into choosing the gift inside. Wrap Buddies users enjoy hassle-free wrapping free from losing tape, wrangling a gift bag, or wrestling with trying to make a roll of wrapping paperwork around awkward shapes. This device ensures that its clients can present their gifts with pride. Wrap Buddies Most Innovative GiftWrapping Tool - North America Jul22312 Wrap Buddies’ patented two-piece design accommodates wrapping paper rolls of any width, limited only by how much space a customer has on their table or wrapping surface. Gripping tabletops well to keep paper in place during wrapping and including a tape dispenser on either end, it manages the most critical supplies (paper and tape) during the gift-wrapping process to simplify preparing gifts for holiday seasons, birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, and more! The flagship product that Wrap Buddies created has cultivated a market segment that appreciates how much convenience its solution adds to the whole process. Wrap Buddies believes in encouraging personal connections, especially in our increasingly depersonalized world. By taking away the stress of wrapping a gift perfectly, this company allows the pleasure of gift giving to nurture a deeper personal connection between two people. This, it feels, helps people to better connect on an interpersonal level in a digital age where a physical connection is more difficult. Whether they’re giving a gift to a neighbour, a friend, a teacher, or anyone else in their life, the unspoken ‘I appreciate you. You matter to me.’ message within the gift can spark a true connection between two people. Indeed, some of its biggest challenges have presented themselves in limitations to supply. With shipping delays, longer transit times, and limited warehouse capability, it hopes to address these hurdles by adding a factory in the Americas to take some pressure off its Shanghai facility. Thus, it has seen the need to expand its team looking for more people who understand that it doesn’t just deliver a product, it delivers a service; Wrap Buddies’ commitment to the client lasts far beyond the point of checkout, and the team is constantly asking themselves how they can go above and beyond for a customer. Serving thoughtful people who deliver thoughtful gifts, it has made itself the partner-in-giftgiving for so many. It looks forward to this being true for so many more people in the future by adding new stockists and retailers to its repertoire. Company: Wrap Buddies

Page 10 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Bumbles and Boo, a company committed to as much friendliness towards its clients as its name suggests, has been in the market creating the best in new baby gifts and parent pampering gifts alike since its inception. Having created a significant amount of buzz around itself for its thoughtful, comforting, and charming gift sets, many items are created from organic materials and sustainable sources, using fairtrade cottons and expertly selected botanicals. Beautiful, well-crafted, and practical, it promises that each of its baby hampers will deliver an enriching playtime for the baby as they begin to explore the world around them, as well as deliver a moment of calm for a busy new parent. Nominally, therefore, it only stocks the brands it trusts. From Neal’s Yard Remedies to Love Boo, Sophie La Giraffe, Steiff, Beatrix Potter, Joma Jewellery, Aurora World, and Rainbow Designs, its customer service acumen and hard work has propelled it into the spotlight for those who buy from it. With 1900 fivestar reviews on Etsy, an achievement that has both grown its market and allowed it to maintain loyal customers who use it as their baby gifts one stop shop, each and every one Bumbles and Boo, winners of both the above awards, has made a name for itself in its market segment with creativity, originality and exemplary customer service. As an award-winning baby hamper and new baby gift shop, the hampers dispatched are not only beautiful but also practical offering useful new baby products along with a little pamper treat for the new parents. Jul22171 Bumbles and Boo Best Baby & New Parent Gift Store - UK & Baby Boy Gift Set of the Year (UK): Delightful Dixi Triceratops of its staff operates with the highest levels of commitment and efficiency. Consistent hard work and dedication from its employees ensure that packages go out looking beautiful, are on time, orders are fulfilled correctly, and customers are overwhelmed with their gift. Critically, without their passion and staunchly stalwart attitude towards only delivering the best of the best, Bumbles and Boo would not be the company it is today. Thus, its united ethos is one centred around and driven by the people within its team. The happiness and support it shares within itself allows for the company to maintain impeccable commitment, sustainable products, satisfaction in both the staff and clients, and a trajectory towards continued improvement that ensures it’s ‘wow factor’ only grows. Never one to rest on its laurels in this way, the trust it has cultivated and honesty it extends towards its client are attitudes that have bolstered its successful forward momentum. Bringing happy tears to the eye with its gifts, it looks forward to continuing this long into the future, promising that clients can expect so much more excellence yet to come. Company: Bumbles and Boo Contact: Emma Weldon Website: Page 11 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Catori Collection is an online crystal, metaphysical and holistic store offering a range of ethically sourced crystals, smudge and cleansing supplies, singing bowls, tarot, divination and wiccan items, homeware and sundries, and digital gift cards. Catori Collection Crystal Shop of the Year - South East England Jul22100 ‘Catori’ is a Native American name meaning ‘spirit’. Candice Gaugain chose this name for her business with the intention of providing her customers with a variety of items so they can create their own personal and sacred ‘spiritual collection’. Candice is driven by her passion and love for crystals and being on one’s own spiritual journey. Her vision for Catori Collection has always been to bring alternative healing to people around the world. And she delights in helping her customers to choose the perfect gift for their friends and loved ones, saying, “To me, what makes the perfect gift are items that are unique, cost-effective, packaged well, and sent with love and good vibrations. “I often get tremendous amounts of positive feedback from customers saying that they could feel the good energy upon opening their packages or how receiving them made such an uplifting impact on their day.” Not only are her products gorgeous, but as a metaphysician and psychotherapist, Candice offers specialist private consultations where individuals can benefit from her expert knowledge in crystal healing, chakras, spirituality, meditation, and the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Candice aims to treat each client as an individual and to meet them where they are along their healing path. After all, the business’ tagline is “The Journey is Yours”. Over the years, Candice has worked to create a space via her website, social media, and at public events where she can connect with her customers, which has become an essential component in allowing the business to grow to what it is today. She says, “I never want to be a faceless business where customers do not know the person(s) behind the brand.” Candice seeks to continue educating the public on alternative methods to personal wellbeing by offering guidance in a sector where people from all walks of life are wanting, needing, and looking to enhance their personal development through holistic health. One way she has recently done this is through writing an article entitled “Crystals, Powerful Gifts from Nature” in the spring 2022 edition of magazine. Ultimately, it’s easy to see how Catori Collection has come to achieve such success within The Perfect Gift Awards 2022, with such wonderful products and service. Candice is no stranger to receiving accolades either, having won two awards with the Centre of Excellence: ‘Best Business 2020’ and ‘Entrepreneur Award’ in 2021. Also notable is the business continuously being a Star Seller each month on Etsy for the past year, alongside having thousands of five-star reviews on the Etsy platform. So, what’s next for Candice and Catori Collection? She shares, “In the future, I am looking to have physical locations across the UK (and perhaps beyond!) where customers can do instore shopping.” Watch this space! Company: Catori Collection Contact: Candice Gaugain Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 12 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 When Datsa Gaile arrived in the UK in 2004, she had big dreams, but limited resources, very little knowledge of the English language – and she could never have predicted the scale of the success she’d see just over a decade later. Datsa was initially taking on any work, anything to survive, travelling all around the country for four months until she settled in Northampton. She was juggling life as a single mother with her two boys, at the same time going to university to study business management. She later moved to Mansfield and eventually ended up working for the council. Although she enjoyed it all, Datsa wanted something more. She tells us, “I spent many years trying, crying and surviving. So, to have this success now is lovely, and my family is proud of me. It’s important to me not just to promote my products but to know also that I am bringing happiness to my clients and that they are pleased with our service.” Since establishing All Things Decor five years ago, Datsa has formed a strong reputation as a go-to expert, and by 2021, she was being approached by BBC Strictly Come Dancing for bespoke and customisable All Things Decor was founded in 2018 by Latvian-born entrepreneur, Datsa Gaile and is the UK distributor of Solaair™ Sequin Walls. These sparkling and versatile sequin wall panels have been featured at prestigious events such as the Brit Awards 2022 and BBC Strictly Come Dancing, and have delighted celebrity clients including Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden and TOWIE’s Gemma Collins as glitzy home interiors. Indeed, a Solaair™ Sequin Wall could be the perfect gift for that friend who loves a touch of glamour – or even yourself. Aug22064 All Things Decor Ltd Best Stand & Sequin Wall Company - UK displays for their promotional shots. Datsa comments, “Looking back, I cannot believe that the sequin panel I brought to the UK has become one of the most wanted products in the events and interior design industry.” For Datsa, it is all about pleasing her clients. She started the business from nothing but a £1.50 investment, and she is now grateful for her clients, small and big who have chosen dazzling Solaair™ Sequin Walls for their interiors and backdrops. Although her company has grown so much and there are some things that just can’t be offered in the same way as they would have been when the business was smaller, Datsa still tries to put effort into delivering a personal service, engaging with the clients as much as possible, particularly via Instagram. Datsa says, “We are an old-style company as we talk to every single client who comes to us. We don’t have a virtual online assistant, there are always real people talking to our customers. People love talking to a real human instead of virtual assistants.” Indeed, Datsa’s business is one of dedication and determination. When she changed her mindset, she realised that it was possible to succeed in the events industry, and her business mindset took over. She shares, “I had always wanted to work in this field. I had tried for years to build a company within it, but this was just what I needed.” Now, not only is Datsa a go-to expert in the interior design industry, but she also takes on a range of other projects, including giving masterclasses to female business owners. She says, “It is incredible to know you are giving back by employing others and keeping your community strong. There are many challenges, but I am proud of the success I’ve worked toward.” Datsa is also a contributor to several online business-related magazines. Her upcoming articles share tips on ‘The Secret to Selling Overseas’, covering being prepared to be multilingual and learning how to enjoy failing and succeeding in business. She notes, “Ask yourself what it takes to get your product in the hands of celebrities and on television. As well as the hidden costs of cheap products and why I value my fire retardant standards. As an international business, I like to share my knowledge to help others.” Additionally, she wants to remind people that success doesn’t just come overnight, saying, “It took 25 years since my first start-up to figure out where I am today. Don’t let people rush you with their timelines. Be patient. Consistent. Take your time.” Currently, Datsa is designing products for her customers in the form of a new style stand, usable from both sides with many changeable sequin and fabric backdrops. This stand is designed for multiple purpose use; corporate companies can use it for exhibitions as fabric backdrops, and they can be personalised potentially with a business’ marketing information, too. They can be used as dividers in waiting rooms, doctors surgeries, banks, and other public spaces. And there is lots more to come from All Things Decor, with Datsa being very happy with the result so far. Here’s to the continued success of Datsa and All Things Decor! Company: All Things Decor Ltd Contact: Datsa Gaile Email: [email protected] Website: Page 13 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Bringing a splash of positivity into the lives of mothers and their children, Creative Sparklez is a glamorous – and, of course, sparkly – accessories designer from Canada. Crowns, hair clips, bows, and more feature within its impressive inventory of products, with each exuding playfulness, beauty, and most of all, creativity! Creative Sparklez Best Artisan Girl’s Birthday Accessories Designer - Canada Jul22278 From hair bows to headbands, and tiaras to earrings, the entirety of Creative Sparklez’ stock is designed and handcrafted in-house with the highest quality materials on the market. Such products have been created in order to empower women and their children and bolster their confidence through introducing some sparkle into their lives. Quite simply, this is Creative Sparklez’ mission – it wants to bring about joy. The company, therefore, specialises in creating bespoke accessories, as it understands that not everyone has hours to spend searching for the perfect piece. It is happy and willing to work in collaboration with clients to produce a suitable accessory. Of course, this also means that Creative Sparklez is able to work with clients to make the perfect gift, which Shayma Mahdy, the company’s owner defines as, ‘a unique and a meaningful gesture.’ The products at Creative Sparklez certainly fit into this idea. Quality and creativity can be found within every piece; so, whether you’re looking for accessories for a birthday party or looking for a gift that makes a statement, Creative Sparklez has you covered! The company promises a prompt processing time and beautiful presentation, meaning that your gift will be ready on time and already dressed up for the recipient, alleviating the pressure of a last-minute or impulsive purchase. Moreover, its products are affordable without compromising on quality – Creative Sparklez is, quite simply, devoted to providing its customers with both premium products and experiences. Within an industry that is undergoing a great amount of growth, this truly makes the company stand out. When asked about the market, Shayma stated, ‘the handmade sector is greatly appreciated by a lot of people; they enjoy the uniqueness of the products and the time it takes to create their product with love and care. It’s not a factory assembly line where you can find lots of the same item. Each product line is inspired by the world around us and therefore has a unique story.’ In order to remain on top of the current industry explosion, Creative Sparklez is planning on expanding its operations, with its product range being featured on more storefronts. With the demand rising, the company hopes that this evolution will make it more accessible for its loyal clientele. Furthermore, in an exclusive for LUXLife, Creative Sparklez reveals that towards the end of 2022, it will be unveiling a special line for pet accessories. Indeed, there is plenty for Creative Sparklez and its customers to look forward to as the year progresses and transitions into 2023! Contact: Shayma Mahdy Company: Creative Sparklez Web Address:

Page 14 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 When crafting her jewellery pieces, Jarilyn Lim focuses on creativity and uniqueness both in her designs and the choice of precious gems and semi-precious stones that adorn them. Jarilyn’s jewellery are wearable pieces of fine art, and forever a keepsake that can become an heirloom for generations to treasure. Love Clicks is Jarilyn’s most recent and prominent product, a concept that showcases never-ending love by using birthstones of a loved one’s form to create an entirely unique and elegant “puzzle” ring. This stunning custom-made ring can be worn as a single birthstone ring or combined with other birthstone rings to form a special union between couples or family members – a wonderful alternative to wedding bands, friendship rings, or eternity/anniversary rings. Jarilyn says, “The endless and fascinating combinations allow you to showcase a person’s love. Love Clicks represents the passion of never-ending love.” Jarilyn was born in Malaysia to an adventurous and entrepreneurial family, so it was inevitable that she was going to be ambitious. At the age of 16, she moved to Melbourne, Australia where she finished high school and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. In the early 90s, she arrived in San Francisco to run the family dental and medical supplies business in the States. A decade later, Jarilyn decided it was time to embark on the journey to pursue her own passions. She received a California state aesthetician license and opened her skincare spa in the North Bay Area. Jarilyn always adored Carmel for its European charm and magnificent views of the ocean. In 2010, she relocated her skincare business to Carmel so she could make a home in a Jarilyn Jewelry is all about the celebration of love, specialising in one-of-a-kind exquisite jewellery fine art. Every single piece designed by Jarilyn Lim is custom-made and skillfully crafted, and in turn, deeply cherished by the wearer. Jul22240 Jarilyn Jewelry Leading Purveyors of Wearable Fine Art Jewelry 2022 place where her heart belonged. Within a short time, Jarilyn’s Spa Retreat was receiving wide recognition from the Carmel Pine Cone for being the best skincare business on the Monterey Peninsula. Adding to her accolades, the San Francisco Chronicle featured her Signature Gold Facial and praised it for being an “innovative” treatment. Then, one day, one of Jarilyn’s skincare clients invited her to take over her jewellery shop. As the new owner of Jarilyn Jewelry, a gallery of divine jewellery art, Jarilyn expanded her exploration of aesthetics into the world of personal adornments. “Growing up, I was always fascinated with beautiful jewellery, which I encountered during my travels,” Jarilyn shares. “I am very blessed to have this rare opportunity.” Jarilyn is an Applied Jewellery Professional (AJP), through the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA), representing various awardwinning handcrafted jewellery designers and designing her own one-of-a-kind creations. Company: Jarilyn Jewelry Contact: Jarilyn Lim Email: [email protected] Website: Page 15 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 WAG&WOOL is a British luxury dog wear brand that specialises in matching knitwear of exceptional quality for both dogs and their proud owners. All garments are designed by dynamic duo, Rachael Driver and Toni Walker inhouse using only the finest sustainable materials. Their main focus on sustainability, design, and durability allows them to bring unique knitwear to the pet wear market that will stand the test of time. Could there be a better gift for the eco-conscious dog lover than matching sustainable accessories with their pooch? Best Sustainable Dog Apparel Company 2022 Aug22053 WAG&WOOL is a design-led, conscientious brand with big plans to revolutionise the way consumers think about pet wear. The only pet wear brand to equally demonstrate superior design, sustainability and provenance in its products, WAG&WOOL’s hero creation is its dog jumper – which is not only made entirely out of natural and biodegradable materials, but is the best quality dog jumper on the market. With unique designs and bold labelling, WAG&WOOL’s jumpers are easy to recognise, and each design can be purchased with a matching accessory for the owner. The WAG&WOOL story begins on a chilly afternoon during the pandemic when Rachael Driver founded the company in her home city of Brighton. Previously only working on knitwear for humans, she took the opportunity to really pause and reflect, to concentrate more on a project that was closer to her heart. She decided to embrace her passion and talent for creating knitwear in a different way, wanting to focus on creating knitwear that was for man’s best friend instead. Rachael has shared her life with dogs for as long as she can remember, but the real light bulb moment came when she met her friend and her dog, Monti who was feeling the winter chill. Rachael wrapped Monti up in one of her hand-knitted lambswool scarves to keep him cosy and never looked back. Thus, WAG&WOOL was born and Rachael’s first project was of course going to be named after her muse – Monti. The first few samples were knitted and tested among friends and family, who loved the idea of having matching knitted accessories with their furry friends. Rachael went on to immerse herself in the world of knitwear design for dogs, embracing her new creative direction by experimenting during lockdown. She took the time to research the best yarns for her designs and created a premium 100% lambswool product. Lambswool is completely biodegradable and offers a much-needed alternative to the current market for dog products which is swamped with uncomfortable synthetics. All of WAG&WOOL’s dog jumpers and accessories are knitted from Z. Hinchcliffe lambswool which is carded, spun and dyed in Yorkshire before making its way down to Rachael’s Brighton-based studio where her designs come to life. WAG&WOOL’s knitted jumpers for dogs come in four unique designs and several colourways to suit various taste requirements. Alongside these, it sells human scarves and headbands in the same designs and colourways, allowing people to match with their dog. These unique sets can be purchased as gifts and they come in branded sustainable boxes. Rachael tells us what she thinks makes the perfect gift: “The perfect gift to us means something that is chosen from the heart. Something that is thoughtful to the recipient. This means setting aside what you would like and choosing something the recipient would like. Seeing the recipient’s joy when they open the gift is what it’s all about.” Not only do WAG&WOOL’s products make the perfect gifts, but the company is also proving that quality knitwear doesn’t have to cost the earth. Luxury brands such as Gucci and Moncler are starting to bring dog wear to the market, yet these are not necessarily well-made. They are just branded and often selling for over £300. WAG&WOOL sees an opportunity to become the first well-made luxury dog wear brand, with research showing that people are humanising their pets, yet the pet wear industry isn’t innovating or moving with this trend. People may be becoming aware of the importance of their own clothes needing to be sustainable, but the same isn’t happening for the dog clothing market. With hopes to really get its name out there, WAG&WOOL is also excited to be launching some new product ranges in late 2022/ early 2023 including leads and collars, and matching human mittens and hats. It has also designed a dog bandana print with three sheep breeds (retailing in autumn), wanting to highlight the importance of wool as a biodegradable material. This is in addition to researching sustainable fabrics that can be used for a dog raincoat along with a matching owner’s waterproof hat. There will be plenty of opportunities for anyone who is interested in getting their hands on a matching dog jumper and accessory set, with the company planning to attend upcoming markets and Christmas fairs, including The Spirit of Christmas in London. Rachael comments, “Knitwear often needs to be seen and touched for people to really see how good the quality is and sometimes that can be difficult to demonstrate online. When we go to makers markets and Christmas fairs, people are so surprised by the quality of our knitwear.” Keep an eye on WAG&WOOL’s Instagram page ( where it will be sharing more markets and fairs that it will be attending! Company: WAG&WOOL Contact: Rachael Driver and Toni Walker Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 16 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 In November 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bee Books was born. From an idea at the kitchen table, through to humble beginnings as an Etsy store, the business quickly gained a life of its own. Now, just under two years later, Bee Books have developed its own website, expanded the range of products on offer and curated an exceptional writing team that is proud to produce excellent content for the Bee Blog. Books contain multitudes, but often we are guided by what we have read before and what we know we like. The team at Bee Books champion an approach to reading which ignores preconceived notions. Choosing from ten featured genres, every customer must face the element of surprise when receiving a gift from Bee Books. For those looking for the ultimate in what luxury book purchasing can offer, the team also provide a personalisation option which gives the Bee Books deeper understanding of what their readers are looking for. All of the books sold by Bee Books are essentially Book Blind Dates. No one knows precisely what they will get until they get it. With only the genre defined, you await the arrival of a small package, carefully wrapped in the team’s signature Bee wrapping and a few extra items such as a Bee Books Bookmark, a sachet of flavoured tea and Vegan Stinger Sweet bars. For those who want more of an experience from their mystery book, Mystery Book Boxes Everyone loves a mystery, and the team at Bee Books MCR have made mystery their business. With a host of pre-loved books on offer, they provide readers with the chance to connect with great books and stories without preconception. Such an innovative approach has brought them triumph in The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 from LUXlife. We read a little more into how they have achieved such success. Jul22152 Bee Books MCR Best Online Bookshop - UK incorporate items to make every reading session more of an experience. Currently taking the form of The Bee Box and the Children’s Mystery Book Box, the team have been delighted to reach a host of new people. The Children’s Mystery Book Box, in particular, is a stunning development. Designed as an immersive experience, every box includes a Bee Books Activity sheet and Crayons, a Snap Band Wristband, Stickers and Vegan Stinger Sweet Bar. The box is defined not by the genre, but by the reading age of the child that they are buying for. The team’s attention to detail means that they always stock books for ages five years and older. When we caught up with Chloe Hunt, founder of Bee Books, she was keen to explain why so much effort has gone into this particular product. “Launching a product for young readers has always been something that I wanted to add to our shop,” she explains, “and I am enamoured with the reception that it has received.” It’s clear that Bee Books is more than just a bookshop. It’s set to become a hub for the literary world, a place where people can discover things that are brand new all of the time. The future is set to see more Mystery Book Boxes, and maybe even a book subscription service. Over the years, Bee Books has opened the door for many to exciting new worlds of literature. It’s an audience that is always going to be asking for more! The perfect gift means something different to everyone, and we thought it would be right to ask Chloe what it means to her: “To me, the perfect gift is something that is personal, thoughtful and has an element of surprise,” she smiles, “something that you know was carefully selected for you. We always take this into consideration when wrapping books because every little detail makes a difference — we want to make every moment a perfect gift moment whether you are buying books for yourself or a loved one.” We can’t think of a better measure of success than that! Company: Bee Books MCR Name: Chloe Hunt Email: [email protected] Web Address: