The Perfect Gift Awards 2022

Page 12 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 When Datsa Gaile arrived in the UK in 2004, she had big dreams, but limited resources, very little knowledge of the English language – and she could never have predicted the scale of the success she’d see just over a decade later. Datsa was initially taking on any work, anything to survive, travelling all around the country for four months until she settled in Northampton. She was juggling life as a single mother with her two boys, at the same time going to university to study business management. She later moved to Mansfield and eventually ended up working for the council. Although she enjoyed it all, Datsa wanted something more. She tells us, “I spent many years trying, crying and surviving. So, to have this success now is lovely, and my family is proud of me. It’s important to me not just to promote my products but to know also that I am bringing happiness to my clients and that they are pleased with our service.” Since establishing All Things Decor five years ago, Datsa has formed a strong reputation as a go-to expert, and by 2021, she was being approached by BBC Strictly Come Dancing for bespoke and customisable All Things Decor was founded in 2018 by Latvian-born entrepreneur, Datsa Gaile and is the UK distributor of Solaair™ Sequin Walls. These sparkling and versatile sequin wall panels have been featured at prestigious events such as the Brit Awards 2022 and BBC Strictly Come Dancing, and have delighted celebrity clients including Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden and TOWIE’s Gemma Collins as glitzy home interiors. Indeed, a Solaair™ Sequin Wall could be the perfect gift for that friend who loves a touch of glamour – or even yourself. Aug22064 All Things Decor Ltd Best Stand & Sequin Wall Company - UK displays for their promotional shots. Datsa comments, “Looking back, I cannot believe that the sequin panel I brought to the UK has become one of the most wanted products in the events and interior design industry.” For Datsa, it is all about pleasing her clients. She started the business from nothing but a £1.50 investment, and she is now grateful for her clients, small and big who have chosen dazzling Solaair™ Sequin Walls for their interiors and backdrops. Although her company has grown so much and there are some things that just can’t be offered in the same way as they would have been when the business was smaller, Datsa still tries to put effort into delivering a personal service, engaging with the clients as much as possible, particularly via Instagram. Datsa says, “We are an old-style company as we talk to every single client who comes to us. We don’t have a virtual online assistant, there are always real people talking to our customers. People love talking to a real human instead of virtual assistants.” Indeed, Datsa’s business is one of dedication and determination. When she changed her mindset, she realised that it was possible to succeed in the events industry, and her business mindset took over. She shares, “I had always wanted to work in this field. I had tried for years to build a company within it, but this was just what I needed.” Now, not only is Datsa a go-to expert in the interior design industry, but she also takes on a range of other projects, including giving masterclasses to female business owners. She says, “It is incredible to know you are giving back by employing others and keeping your community strong. There are many challenges, but I am proud of the success I’ve worked toward.” Datsa is also a contributor to several online business-related magazines. Her upcoming articles share tips on ‘The Secret to Selling Overseas’, covering being prepared to be multilingual and learning how to enjoy failing and succeeding in business. She notes, “Ask yourself what it takes to get your product in the hands of celebrities and on television. As well as the hidden costs of cheap products and why I value my fire retardant standards. As an international business, I like to share my knowledge to help others.” Additionally, she wants to remind people that success doesn’t just come overnight, saying, “It took 25 years since my first start-up to figure out where I am today. Don’t let people rush you with their timelines. Be patient. Consistent. Take your time.” Currently, Datsa is designing products for her customers in the form of a new style stand, usable from both sides with many changeable sequin and fabric backdrops. This stand is designed for multiple purpose use; corporate companies can use it for exhibitions as fabric backdrops, and they can be personalised potentially with a business’ marketing information, too. They can be used as dividers in waiting rooms, doctors surgeries, banks, and other public spaces. And there is lots more to come from All Things Decor, with Datsa being very happy with the result so far. Here’s to the continued success of Datsa and All Things Decor! Company: All Things Decor Ltd Contact: Datsa Gaile Email: [email protected] Website: