The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Page 13 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Bringing a splash of positivity into the lives of mothers and their children, Creative Sparklez is a glamorous – and, of course, sparkly – accessories designer from Canada. Crowns, hair clips, bows, and more feature within its impressive inventory of products, with each exuding playfulness, beauty, and most of all, creativity! Creative Sparklez Best Artisan Girl’s Birthday Accessories Designer - Canada Jul22278 From hair bows to headbands, and tiaras to earrings, the entirety of Creative Sparklez’ stock is designed and handcrafted in-house with the highest quality materials on the market. Such products have been created in order to empower women and their children and bolster their confidence through introducing some sparkle into their lives. Quite simply, this is Creative Sparklez’ mission – it wants to bring about joy. The company, therefore, specialises in creating bespoke accessories, as it understands that not everyone has hours to spend searching for the perfect piece. It is happy and willing to work in collaboration with clients to produce a suitable accessory. Of course, this also means that Creative Sparklez is able to work with clients to make the perfect gift, which Shayma Mahdy, the company’s owner defines as, ‘a unique and a meaningful gesture.’ The products at Creative Sparklez certainly fit into this idea. Quality and creativity can be found within every piece; so, whether you’re looking for accessories for a birthday party or looking for a gift that makes a statement, Creative Sparklez has you covered! The company promises a prompt processing time and beautiful presentation, meaning that your gift will be ready on time and already dressed up for the recipient, alleviating the pressure of a last-minute or impulsive purchase. Moreover, its products are affordable without compromising on quality – Creative Sparklez is, quite simply, devoted to providing its customers with both premium products and experiences. Within an industry that is undergoing a great amount of growth, this truly makes the company stand out. When asked about the market, Shayma stated, ‘the handmade sector is greatly appreciated by a lot of people; they enjoy the uniqueness of the products and the time it takes to create their product with love and care. It’s not a factory assembly line where you can find lots of the same item. Each product line is inspired by the world around us and therefore has a unique story.’ In order to remain on top of the current industry explosion, Creative Sparklez is planning on expanding its operations, with its product range being featured on more storefronts. With the demand rising, the company hopes that this evolution will make it more accessible for its loyal clientele. Furthermore, in an exclusive for LUXLife, Creative Sparklez reveals that towards the end of 2022, it will be unveiling a special line for pet accessories. Indeed, there is plenty for Creative Sparklez and its customers to look forward to as the year progresses and transitions into 2023! Contact: Shayma Mahdy Company: Creative Sparklez Web Address: