The Perfect Gift Awards 2022

Page 14 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 When crafting her jewellery pieces, Jarilyn Lim focuses on creativity and uniqueness both in her designs and the choice of precious gems and semi-precious stones that adorn them. Jarilyn’s jewellery are wearable pieces of fine art, and forever a keepsake that can become an heirloom for generations to treasure. Love Clicks is Jarilyn’s most recent and prominent product, a concept that showcases never-ending love by using birthstones of a loved one’s form to create an entirely unique and elegant “puzzle” ring. This stunning custom-made ring can be worn as a single birthstone ring or combined with other birthstone rings to form a special union between couples or family members – a wonderful alternative to wedding bands, friendship rings, or eternity/anniversary rings. Jarilyn says, “The endless and fascinating combinations allow you to showcase a person’s love. Love Clicks represents the passion of never-ending love.” Jarilyn was born in Malaysia to an adventurous and entrepreneurial family, so it was inevitable that she was going to be ambitious. At the age of 16, she moved to Melbourne, Australia where she finished high school and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. In the early 90s, she arrived in San Francisco to run the family dental and medical supplies business in the States. A decade later, Jarilyn decided it was time to embark on the journey to pursue her own passions. She received a California state aesthetician license and opened her skincare spa in the North Bay Area. Jarilyn always adored Carmel for its European charm and magnificent views of the ocean. In 2010, she relocated her skincare business to Carmel so she could make a home in a Jarilyn Jewelry is all about the celebration of love, specialising in one-of-a-kind exquisite jewellery fine art. Every single piece designed by Jarilyn Lim is custom-made and skillfully crafted, and in turn, deeply cherished by the wearer. Jul22240 Jarilyn Jewelry Leading Purveyors of Wearable Fine Art Jewelry 2022 place where her heart belonged. Within a short time, Jarilyn’s Spa Retreat was receiving wide recognition from the Carmel Pine Cone for being the best skincare business on the Monterey Peninsula. Adding to her accolades, the San Francisco Chronicle featured her Signature Gold Facial and praised it for being an “innovative” treatment. Then, one day, one of Jarilyn’s skincare clients invited her to take over her jewellery shop. As the new owner of Jarilyn Jewelry, a gallery of divine jewellery art, Jarilyn expanded her exploration of aesthetics into the world of personal adornments. “Growing up, I was always fascinated with beautiful jewellery, which I encountered during my travels,” Jarilyn shares. “I am very blessed to have this rare opportunity.” Jarilyn is an Applied Jewellery Professional (AJP), through the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA), representing various awardwinning handcrafted jewellery designers and designing her own one-of-a-kind creations. Company: Jarilyn Jewelry Contact: Jarilyn Lim Email: [email protected] Website: