The Perfect Gift Awards 2022

Page 16 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 In November 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bee Books was born. From an idea at the kitchen table, through to humble beginnings as an Etsy store, the business quickly gained a life of its own. Now, just under two years later, Bee Books have developed its own website, expanded the range of products on offer and curated an exceptional writing team that is proud to produce excellent content for the Bee Blog. Books contain multitudes, but often we are guided by what we have read before and what we know we like. The team at Bee Books champion an approach to reading which ignores preconceived notions. Choosing from ten featured genres, every customer must face the element of surprise when receiving a gift from Bee Books. For those looking for the ultimate in what luxury book purchasing can offer, the team also provide a personalisation option which gives the Bee Books deeper understanding of what their readers are looking for. All of the books sold by Bee Books are essentially Book Blind Dates. No one knows precisely what they will get until they get it. With only the genre defined, you await the arrival of a small package, carefully wrapped in the team’s signature Bee wrapping and a few extra items such as a Bee Books Bookmark, a sachet of flavoured tea and Vegan Stinger Sweet bars. For those who want more of an experience from their mystery book, Mystery Book Boxes Everyone loves a mystery, and the team at Bee Books MCR have made mystery their business. With a host of pre-loved books on offer, they provide readers with the chance to connect with great books and stories without preconception. Such an innovative approach has brought them triumph in The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 from LUXlife. We read a little more into how they have achieved such success. Jul22152 Bee Books MCR Best Online Bookshop - UK incorporate items to make every reading session more of an experience. Currently taking the form of The Bee Box and the Children’s Mystery Book Box, the team have been delighted to reach a host of new people. The Children’s Mystery Book Box, in particular, is a stunning development. Designed as an immersive experience, every box includes a Bee Books Activity sheet and Crayons, a Snap Band Wristband, Stickers and Vegan Stinger Sweet Bar. The box is defined not by the genre, but by the reading age of the child that they are buying for. The team’s attention to detail means that they always stock books for ages five years and older. When we caught up with Chloe Hunt, founder of Bee Books, she was keen to explain why so much effort has gone into this particular product. “Launching a product for young readers has always been something that I wanted to add to our shop,” she explains, “and I am enamoured with the reception that it has received.” It’s clear that Bee Books is more than just a bookshop. It’s set to become a hub for the literary world, a place where people can discover things that are brand new all of the time. The future is set to see more Mystery Book Boxes, and maybe even a book subscription service. Over the years, Bee Books has opened the door for many to exciting new worlds of literature. It’s an audience that is always going to be asking for more! The perfect gift means something different to everyone, and we thought it would be right to ask Chloe what it means to her: “To me, the perfect gift is something that is personal, thoughtful and has an element of surprise,” she smiles, “something that you know was carefully selected for you. We always take this into consideration when wrapping books because every little detail makes a difference — we want to make every moment a perfect gift moment whether you are buying books for yourself or a loved one.” We can’t think of a better measure of success than that! Company: Bee Books MCR Name: Chloe Hunt Email: [email protected] Web Address: