The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Page 17 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Dogs of Britain is on a mission to make dog owners aware of the huge impact a dog’s diet has on their health. From itchy paws to ear infections to loss of fur, some dogs are very intolerant to the preservatives, colourings and flavourings found in store-bought dog treats. Natural treats can make a big difference to a dog’s health, and Dogs of Britain is focused on supplying just that, with its 100% natural dog treats containing zero additives, flavours, colourings and preservatives. If you’re looking to treat the pooch in your life, look no further than Dogs of Britain. Dogs of Britain Most Trusted Dog Treats eTailer - UK Aug22322 Nadine was inspired to start her natural dog treat business, Dogs of Britain when her seven-year-old Mastiff-cross-Rottweiler, Azia was suffering very badly with ear infections and itchy paws as a result of food allergies. Azia would be triggered by the extra ingredients found in supermarket brands and can only eat raw 100% natural dog food. Nadine says, “It’s important to me that dogs only receive the healthiest dog treat options from us.” Dogs of Britain’s promise is that it will never sell a product with preservatives, flavourings or colourings. The only ingredient contained within a treat is the animal it is derived from. Being a small family-run business, everything is checked over by Nadine and her partner, Shane before being posted out to the customer. Additionally, Nadine likes to treat regular customers to extra goodies, with nothing going to waste. Any broken goods are enjoyed by her own dogs or added to customers’ orders for theirs to enjoy! Indeed, it doesn’t get any better than natural dog treats and raw dog food for a dog’s diet. Dogs of Britain’s natural dog treats are highly nutritious and they not only have great health benefits, including better digestion, strong immunity, and increased energy and activity, but they are also delicious and bring immense joy to our furry friends! Dogs of Britain has noticed vegan dog treats gaining popularity, too, and it has begun adding vegan dog treats to its range. Now selling 100% blueberry bites and sweet potato strips, it will continue to expand this range if it receives a good response from customers. Nadine is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to dog breeds and foods, always being more than happy to help and advise customers. A customer comments, “This was my third order and definitely not the last one. I have an Australian Cattle dog and was looking for some natural and healthy treats. I found this company on Instagram and placed a small order to start with just to test it. Frankie absolutely loves all the yummy treats but his absolute favourite is a meat filled cow hoof. The treats are long-lasting (the hoof lasts him several hours, the bigger ones for a day or two!) and what is most important, they are all natural and made in the UK.” They continue, “Nadine is always happy to offer help or advise as well, which makes the whole experience superb for me, too! The parcels are always well wrapped and delivered swiftly. I would be happy to recommend Dogs of Britain to anybody who is looking for natural treats for their dogs.” Ultimately, there couldn’t be a better gift for man’s best friend than a natural treat box from Dogs of Britain, filled with a variety of different treats. It also offers gift wrapping options where the box can be wrapped and finished off with a bow, along with a card. Nadine and Shane put a lot of effort into creating a gift box that is loved by their customers. Now, Dogs of Britain is looking towards an exciting future, with plans to venture out to markets and set up stalls. As a result, it is hoping to continue increasing its loyal customer base – which we have no doubt will happen as the company continues to live up to the name of Most Trusted Dog Treats eTailer – UK. Company: Dogs of Britain Email: [email protected] Website: