The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Page 19 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 An exemplary bespoke jewellery company that all started with a French master Jeweller in the 18th century, Eagle and Pearl Jewellers was the baby of Francois Fleuriau and began life on Broad Street, London. Growing from there, it moved from Broad Street to the Strand in 1730, picking up more history, noble pedigree, and reputation along the way as it traversed the streets of London and produced jewellery in-house, primarily for noble exiles from France in purchases that were accepted on credit. Nowadays, this exemplary family business – under the leadership of one of its master jeweller’s great grandsons – moved it from the UK to the US to continue its legacy on new shores. Eagle and Pearl Jewellers Pearl Jewelers of the Year – USA Jul22322 Eagle and Pearl Jewellers is a company with a truly storied history. Having become the incredible provider of bespoke, impeccably crafted, and delightfully realised jewellery pieces it is today by generations of the world’s best artisan crafters, today’s market can enjoy the same level of quality and excellence as the French and British nobility of old once did. Fundamentally, Eagle and Pearl Jewellers has the pedigree of the past and the innovation of the future in equal measure. This has allowed it to partner with new and bold tastemakers in its industry such as Gecko Jewellery – who create items under the name of Fiorelli Silver – Beginnings, and Elements Silver and Gold; it will be adding these companies’ items to its product line soon, joining the likes of Kit Heath, Fei Liu, and Clogau. Moreover, the push towards further innovation and market adaptation allowed it to gracefully pivot into online sales. Ensuring that so much more of the market can benefit from the impeccable work of the company behind the gorgeous Maillefaud ring, Eagle and Pearl has always been in the business of creating one’s own family legacy and making it entirely one’s own. In this way, the aforementioned Maillefaus ring was the creation of Peter Parquot – apprentice turned master crafter and great grandfather to the current owner – and is something that has become a significant family heirloom. It remains a proud cornerstone craft of the company to this day. Mentioned in novels, lauded by the nobles of the land, and even benefitting from the business of the Russian elite in fulfilling their demand for watches set with gemstones, it has carried its strict dedication to royal quality on throughout its lifespan. Critically, having been passed from senior to junior time and again, it has been able to move with the times in which it operates, and today that means ensuring that the modern and discerning client can have their jewellery needs met by people who truly care. Thus, its online retail has brought a veneer of historical sparkle and modern diligence to its market, and it looks forward to further moving forward with its industry in the future as it continues its dedication to modern excellence. Company: Eagle and Pearl Jewellers Contact: Richard Glasgow Website: