The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Page 7 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Whilst Happy Elsie Shop does sell leather products, it has gained an abundance of traction thanks to its luxurious vegan range. Indeed, featuring unique colours and styles, Happy Elsie Shop is unlike anything else currently on the market – so, join us as we explore the store that exudes glamour… Happy Elsie Shop Vegan Bag Retailer of the Year 2022 Jul22499 Opulent handbags are Happy Elsie Shop’s speciality. Beginning with neoprene, the company quickly found its niche creating woven and vegan leather bags, with these now being some of Happy Elsie Shop’s most popular items. Such products have been designed to encourage women to live the best lives they possibly can; Happy Elsie Shop hopes to motivate, inspire, and empower through premium quality products. As the website states, the products ‘elevate the soul to that realm where the “happy factor” is found.’ Moreover, Happy Elsie Shop boasts spectacular ranges of hats, headbands, and keychains, with every product being designed with care. Quality is at the epicentre of every Happy Elsie Shop item – no matter whether it’s a vegan bag or a bejewelled headband – and as a result, the products are beautiful whilst remaining sturdy, guaranteeing a long lifespan. In essence, Happy Elsie Shop is a fashionable, trendy, sophisticated company. It does all this whilst remaining affordable. Many of Happy Elsie Shop’s products are listed at competitive prices, including its vegan leather bag range that offers designer quality without the extortionate prices. Consequently, Happy Elsie Shop is an exceptional place to find a gift for a loved one or, of course, a treat for yourself! Elsie Mendez, the company’s founder, comments, ‘the perfect gift is hitting the mark, being right on point to what the person likes, wants, and will be happily surprised to receive. Our bags do just that.’ However, the company, despite its success, has had to overcome several challenges since its founding, including the current state of the economy. Yet Happy Elsie Shop’s radiating positivity dictates that there is no hurdle too high for the company – it can overcome anything, and it knows that it will thrive. This is, in part, thanks to its location in South Florida, which is home to a highly fashion-conscious market. It is a hub where women from around the world can explore their country’s vibes, culture, and great sense of fashion. Passion is an additional force that is guiding the store; there is a shared ‘can do’ attitude that is infused within the company and its team, with much of this attitude stemming from Elsie herself. It strives to remain on the cutting edge of fashion, utilising its wealth of knowledge to create products that elevate women to the next level, helping them to transcend the barriers that society has placed upon them. The company is currently preparing for a great season to end 2022, launching My Happy Sleep, an online destination that offers high quality, comfortable, fashionable travel necessities for leisure and business travellers at a great value. Featuring travel plush socks, cosy, luxurious blankets, trendy, heavy duty luggage, unisex backpacks and the My Happy Sleep Bag™ - fashionable yet discrete one-of-a-kind bags for CPAP, BiPAP and AirMini CPAP machines. There are over 80 million users in the US and over 100 million plus in the world who suffer from sleep apnoea. Elsie ensures that customers feel confident and happy when travelling, and is – ultimately – destigmatising sleep apnoea one stylish bag at a time. Contact: Elsie Mendez Company: Happy Elsie Shop Web Address: