The Perfect Gift Awards 2022

Page 8 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Hannah Taylor launched Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars in 2019 while in lockdown during the pandemic. She was unable to continue with her work in the construction industry, so she took the opportunity to explore her creative passion full time – creating cosmetic products. Hannah has always made her own products, from bath bombs to candles, and recently, beeswax lip balms. When the opportunity came to put her products out there, she grabbed it with both hands. She needed to make sure her products were unique and that they were handmade, believing that handmade products are vastly underrated and that they carry sentimental value. Every product Hannah produces is freshly made to order – handmade, hand poured, hand pressed, hand wrapped, hand packed, and hand labelled. Her customer has always been the priority; they deserve the best and that is what Hannah provides, quite simply because creating these products is her pride and joy and her business couldn’t exist without her customers. Hannah tells us, “I’m all about handmade. When I receive a gift that is handmade, it is just so overwhelming. It is always the person behind the scenes who doesn’t get the acknowledgement; those hands, their time, their skills made that gift so sentimental or custom-made for the individual. You can’t put a price on the reactions and you can’t put a price on the sentimental value. You just can’t beat a handmade gift.” Not only is producing high quality handmade gifts a passion of Hannah’s, but also doing Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars is an independent cosmetic company based in Helmsdale, Scotland offering a range of eco-friendly handcrafted soy wax melts and candles, reed diffusers, bath bombs, toilet fizzers, bath powders, and so much more. Jul22483 Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars Best Homemade Home Fragrance Gifts Retailer - Scotland it in a sustainable way. She has teamed up with Tree-Nation so that for every product she sells, a tree will be planted in the customer’s name. She is also proud that her products are 98% eco-friendly, working every day to remove as much plastic from her products as possible. Hannah’s bath bombs are packed in biodegradable eco-friendly bags, and her candles are packed with eco foam made from corn starch which can easily dissolve in water. Also, her diffusers are packed and boxed in natural craft boxes. Ultimately, it’s all thanks to Hannah’s dad, Christopher that Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars exists, with Hannah saying, “If it wasn’t for my father encouraging me to reach out and grab those dreams, build my confidence, and have a go, I would never had bothered. My dad has been my rock throughout this whole process.” And Hannah is showing no signs of stopping. This year, her focus is on expanding her wholesale platforms and her presence on independent marketplaces, with her business having taken off so well. Her customers just can’t get enough of her products, describing them as “divine”, “fresh” and “addictive”, and loving the way they are delivered to their door “at the speed of light”. We are truly rooting for Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars as it continues living up to the name of Best Homemade Home Fragrance Gifts Retailer – Scotland. Company: Bonnie Bombs and Soap Bars Contact: Hannah Taylor Email: [email protected] Website: