The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Page 9 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 Valuing innovation, ingenuity, and simplicity, Wrap Buddies has made itself the best way to wrap a gift so the outside of the present reflects the care that went into choosing the gift inside. Wrap Buddies users enjoy hassle-free wrapping free from losing tape, wrangling a gift bag, or wrestling with trying to make a roll of wrapping paperwork around awkward shapes. This device ensures that its clients can present their gifts with pride. Wrap Buddies Most Innovative GiftWrapping Tool - North America Jul22312 Wrap Buddies’ patented two-piece design accommodates wrapping paper rolls of any width, limited only by how much space a customer has on their table or wrapping surface. Gripping tabletops well to keep paper in place during wrapping and including a tape dispenser on either end, it manages the most critical supplies (paper and tape) during the gift-wrapping process to simplify preparing gifts for holiday seasons, birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, and more! The flagship product that Wrap Buddies created has cultivated a market segment that appreciates how much convenience its solution adds to the whole process. Wrap Buddies believes in encouraging personal connections, especially in our increasingly depersonalized world. By taking away the stress of wrapping a gift perfectly, this company allows the pleasure of gift giving to nurture a deeper personal connection between two people. This, it feels, helps people to better connect on an interpersonal level in a digital age where a physical connection is more difficult. Whether they’re giving a gift to a neighbour, a friend, a teacher, or anyone else in their life, the unspoken ‘I appreciate you. You matter to me.’ message within the gift can spark a true connection between two people. Indeed, some of its biggest challenges have presented themselves in limitations to supply. With shipping delays, longer transit times, and limited warehouse capability, it hopes to address these hurdles by adding a factory in the Americas to take some pressure off its Shanghai facility. Thus, it has seen the need to expand its team looking for more people who understand that it doesn’t just deliver a product, it delivers a service; Wrap Buddies’ commitment to the client lasts far beyond the point of checkout, and the team is constantly asking themselves how they can go above and beyond for a customer. Serving thoughtful people who deliver thoughtful gifts, it has made itself the partner-in-giftgiving for so many. It looks forward to this being true for so many more people in the future by adding new stockists and retailers to its repertoire. Company: Wrap Buddies