The Perfect Gift Awards 2023

Epic Laser Designs: Best Bespoke Laser Design Business 2023 - UK As a crafter of personalised, bespoke gifts, Epic Laser Designs prides itself on designing unique creations for every occasion. For exquisitely designed gifts, stylish wedding favours, captivating party décor, and elegant homeware, Epic Laser Designs delivers meaningful gifts that help cherish life’s unforgettable moments. In the year 2013, Owner Bradley Oliver discovered the art of 3D printing, laser cutting, and engraving. He focused his attention on mastering the crafts and even built a 3D printer from scratch. Armed with insider knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, Epic Laser Designs was born in 2021. Bradley was immediately flooded with inquiries from individuals and businesses all hoping to collaborate and bring their creative visions to life. The company takes pride in its extensive product range whilst continuing to invite the extraordinary, encouraging customers to reach out with their special requests. Epic Laser Designs reaches across several industries from retail to marketing, hospitality to the gift sector, continuing to envisage new ways to make memorable moments for its clientele. Whether it’s a cake designer searching for the perfect cake topper or a corporate client seeking to craft awards and signage, the business delivers exceptional products dedicated to the highest quality craftmanship. Using versatile laser machinery, Epic Laser Designs works with a wealth of materials including wood, acrylic, leather, and slate to create its clients’ unique items. When asked to describe the market of bespoke gifts, Bradley Oliver said, “Customers seek unparalleled craftsmanship, unique designs, and exceptional experiences. Luxury is not solely defined by price but also by the rarity and exclusivity of offerings, along with the personalised attention and top-notch service we offer them. One area we are looking to capitalise on is the growing demand for sustainable luxury products. Customers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly and socially responsible options, and we are actively incorporating sustainable practices and materials into our offerings to meet this.” The company’s values extend beyond its clients to its unwavering environmental sustainability practices. Epic Laser Designs has committed to reducing its ecological footprint by investing in advanced filtration units to ensure emissions are safely filtered. It takes the time to source sustainable high-quality raw and recycled materials and plants trees to offset its carbon emissions. Epic Laser Designs joins the ranks of the top 10% of environmentally responsible businesses globally and the top 3% nationally within its market. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the business recently had to overcome supply chain and postal disruptions. Epic Laser Designs was able to tackle these obstacles by expanding its sourcing channels and strategically forming new partnerships with suppliers, which ensured the continuity of its product offerings. With the operation headed by its experienced staff, orders were able to be processed efficiently and promptly delivered. The company is committed to fulfilling each order in a timely fashion, without compromising on quality. It is this commitment that has earned the loyalty of its trusted clientele. Bradley reflects on the achievements of Epic Laser Designs, “In September, I am thrilled to celebrate the second anniversary of turning my decade-long hobby into a successful business venture. At Epic Laser Designs, we are committed to continuing our journey of growth and innovation. With our valued customers' support and our team's unwavering dedication, we aim to elevate our creative capabilities further and expand our product range.” Epic Laser Designs will continue to ensure that each product is crafted with the utmost care, aligning with its mission to deliver timeless expressions of joy with its personalised gifts. It looks forward to providing the perfect gift experience for many years to come. Contact: Bradley – [email protected] Company: Epic Laser Designs Web Address: