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14 | LUXlife Magazine Winter Edition 2022 | 15 FirsTime’s broad view of the industry has been honed through 30 years’ experience and a strong presencein the marketplace. Theyunderstand the markets comprehensively, andquickly adapt to ever-changing retail macro- and micro-climates irsTime & Co. is an industry-leading designer, marketer, and distributor of high-quality home furnishings, designed to inspire customers to express their individual style. Committed to offering best-in-class décor and furniture, the company creates and sells product lines through multiple national retailers and a wide array of leading eCommerce channels. Their global network of manufacturing partners spans from Egypt to Taiwan and includes production in China, India, Vietnam, as well as the United States. Their warehousing and distribution partners enable their products to reach their customers quickly and without damage. FirsTime & Co. works closely with these manufacturing and distribution partners to establish and maintain optimized business practices across the extended enterprise – operating seamlessly and efficiently to give their customers great products, reliable delivery, and reasonable prices. Their diverse, young roster of creative artisans, combined with their unparalleled organizational structure, has set the company up as an industry leader. By developing multiple loyal partnerships with nationally known premier retailers such as Target, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon, they have become a staple in “current yet timeless” home decorations. Consistent attention to quality and service has earned them the trust of the largest national retailers. FirsTime’s broad view of the industry has been honed through 30 years’ experience and a strong presence in the marketplace. They understand the markets comprehensively, and quickly adapt to ever-changing retail macro- and micro-climates. Their deep understanding, sophistication and experience enables FirsTime & Co. to recognize and stay ahead of developing trends to effectively sustain a profitable and long-lasting corporation for its customers, employees, and shareholders. The home furnishings industry has changed as homeowners and apartment dwellers have changed. This company's clientele wants to put a unique stamp on their home’s interior that reflects their personal taste as well as their sense of the times – without spending a fortune doing so. “Your father’s department store” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s customers want to shop online, and FirsTime’s expertise enables them to do so very effectively. For the last decade FirsTime & Co has been guided by Christopher D. Bering, Chairman and CEO. Chris leads a strong team of artisan designers and logistics specialists who demonstrate that positive commitment, vision, resilience, and hard work are embedded deeply in the organization. Collectively, the team creates its success through a high-performance culture – it doesn’t just “happen.” FirsTime offers its staff members flexibility and the opportunity to generate fast-paced results and stay ahead of A Bold, Innovative Powerhouse In The Exploding Home Furnishings Industry As a ‘2022 Award for Excellence in Innovation and Design' recipient, FirsTime & Co. is an American designed home furnishings company working diligently to provide the very best in timeless home furnishings at affordable prices. Operations are throughout the United States, with national distribution partners from East and West Coast ports, allowing them to support their global manufacturer network while passing those efficiencies on to their customers. FirsTime & Co. brings new, cutting-edge designs and bold, dynamic styling to the rapidly growing $29.6 billion home furnishing market, all at competitive prices. market demands while remaining focused on meeting the organization’s growth and profitability goals. This devotion to excellence has made FirsTime & Co. a leader in the home furnishing ecosystem. FirsTime’s competitive advantage is founded on three key principles: • A youthful, design-driven culture with a focus on high-end refined decor, delivered at reasonable prices • Advanced, deep market analysis, leveraging decades of executive experience within the retail environment • A unique adaptable operational cost structure that provides flexibility and scalability of the company These FirsTime principles have been critical in shaping the organization for continued success – especially during these challenging times of COVID-19, combined with the severe global supply chain cost and availability issues worldwide. Their superb designs, based on sophisticated analysis and delivered using a flexible and scalable cost structure, have enabled them to weather these headwinds. Now, more than ever, customers recognize the need for themselves and their families to reimagine their homes to fit their lifestyle better and express their unique vision. Homes and apartments should be authentically stylish, enticingly comfortable, and filled with meaningful furnishings. Recently, our society has recognized that the home can be so much more than a space to live. It can be a sanctuary for family, an office for work, a cozy place for leisure, and a gathering space for social interaction with friends and relatives – all in one. FirsTime & Co. has confidently shared their style and imagination into the living spaces of their customers – “from the FirsTime family to yours.” Company: FirsTime & Co. Contact: Christopher D. Bering – CEO Email: [email protected] Website: Video: F 8 | LUXlife Magazine Winter Edition 2022 | 9 with the utmost amount of care, and is produced at the company’s own pace, ensuring the level of quality for which it is known. The company takes its time sourcing the most suitable materials and components from around the world to make its range both chic and affordable. After all, the company promises to deliver first-rate items, prioritising the longevity and sustainability of its products. Alongside its magnificent inventory of bags, Vendula London is known for its range of accessories. A concoction of luxurious quality and eyecatching designs, Vendula London’s accessories are produced with the same level of attention and care as its bags. Similarly, its accessories are all created with cruelty-free, vegan products, and, handily, can be paired with a matching bag. Producing multiple sizes of wallet, phone cases, and purses, the company continues to stray away from conventional designs, instead playing with illustrations and embroidery to adorn its pieces. It could be said that some of its designs, taking the Old Book Shop Phone Case for example, invoke a sense of cosiness. Whereas, other items, such as the Vendula Flower Shop Clipper Coin Purse, is bright and creative. There is something for every taste and style. Vivienne Westwood, responsible for bringing new wave and punk fashion to the mainstream, has had a great influence over the brand. An architect of the punk fashion phenomenon that took over the 1970’s, Westwood is notorious for her often bizarre designs and innovative take on the fashion industry. Westwood’s influence can be found across multiple brands, and, of course, Vendula London is no exception. In addition, the company is inspired by Lulu Guinness’ iconic, quintessentially British designs. Since 1989, Lulu Guinness has been creating internationally renowned bags – most notably the Florist’s Basket handbag, which is now a permanent feature in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s fashion exhibition. It is not hard to understand how and why such brands have influenced Vendula London. The abstract and colourful nature of the top designers have simply been bestowed upon the company, which has opened up personality-fuelled, unconventional designs to a wider audience. Additionally, its use of colour can be traced back to the delightfully bright designs of the aforementioned creatives, as it refuses to shy away from being bold or ornate. However, in spite of its recognisable inspirations, Vendula London is its own brand and is paving the way forward with its combination of glamour and surrealism. In order to create its fantastical pieces, it is imperative that the Vendula London team works in a dynamic, efficient manner. With products coming fresh off the in-house design team’s sketchbooks, the company is a hotbed of creativity and encourages its designers to push boundaries and exceed the limits of normality. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the production team to wonder if such an item could be created – but, with a great amount of innovation and effort, they do. Bringing together fashion-forward, talented people, Vendula London is, at its core, a large family, with every member playing a crucial role in the success of the brand. Each team member is invited to join the brainstorming sessions for new items as the business truly values the input of every member, understanding that the best ideas can be found in unexpected places. Ultimately, experimentation and ingenuity lie at the heart of the company, remaining unchanged since the founding of the brand. It is with this process firmly in mind, that Vendula London searches for passion within prospective recruits since the brand pours an abundance of love and care into its products. The ability to develop original ideas is highly valued, as each team member gets involved, it is only natural that this trait is desired. Future employees are expected to understand the necessity of excellent customer service and contribute to the client-centricity of the brand – Vendula London believes that customers take precedence over anything else. Owing its success to a diverse client base, Vendula London attracts all kinds of customers. With a large audience primarily between the ages of 24 and 64, the business appeals to all open-minded, fashionable individuals. The brand does not discriminate, whether young or just young at heart, it believes in providing bags and accessories that are accessible to all – regardless of age or gender. To put it simply, the company only hopes that it can please its customers. It understands that its customers value the minute details and the uniqueness of the item, and therefore, everyone within the company works together to provide excellent customer service. Indeed, the company began as a small wholesale fashion accessories brand, and thanks to its customer-centric creations it has grown exponentially over the years. In almost two decades of trading, Vendula London has become a multi-channel B2B and B2C brand, becoming an appreciable name amongst its peers. Approximately 45% of the brand’s business comes from online shoppers – the site is simple to navigate, utilising drop down menus, concise text, and high-definition graphics and photos. Furthermore, around 35% comes from wholesale retailers, and 20% from its Vendula London store on London’s South Bank. The very element that makes the brand stand out from the crowd is its uniqueness. Whilst the upper echelon of the fashion industry is saturated with abstract ideas, there is very little similar within the mid-market. Filling that gap, Vendula London has built an accessible and albeit eccentric platform that brings such products to the average person. Henceforth, through experimenting with new ideas and materials, Vendula London continues to stay relevant to its audience. There are very few brands that do what Vendula London does successfully, which makes it all the more a rare gem in the market. Additionally, its completely cruelty-free and vegan inventory of products is a staple in the company’s market success. As the world turns towards sustainable fashion, customers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that animal products and fast fashion has on the environment and are turning to alternatives such as thrifting and faux animal products. Numerous studies dictate that fast and unethical fashion is one of the leading contributors to the increase in global carbon dioxide emissions. Vendula London prides itself on being an ethical retailer that takes care of its employees, its customers, and the planet. At the heart of the company is a set of strong, unwavering values, and environmental sustainability is a key part of them. Certified by the British Vegan Society, it is guaranteed that each product is 100% vegan and that at no point in the production process were animal products even considered. Vendula London consistently monitors its supply chain, ensuring that its production process is wholly cruelty-free, and that its staff are paid fairly. The company vows to make changes if and when an issue is cited, as the safety and happiness of its staff is a priority – indeed, it is what makes the company run smoothly. However, the overarching aim is to create a product that customers love, and through creating fun, off-the-wall pieces, it achieves this. Whilst the company has achieved great success over the past 18 years, it has also faced a myriad of challenges. Of course, in any company challenges are to be expected, as they are, after all, a normal part of business. However, while there were many predictions, the true consequences of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union could not be truly measured until it happened. Therefore, no amount of preparation could fully gauge the impact that companies would face. Vendula London found itself caught up within the turbulent aftermath, facing global supply chain delays and shortages of materials, which have only been further emphasised by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is expected that these issues will continue into the future, so, in order to optimise the production and sales process, Vendula London is planning to relocate part of its operation to the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the future is looking bright for the brand, as it has multiple, large-scale plans coming into fruition over the end of 2021 and into next year. Most recently, Vendula London’s collaboration with the internationally successful rock band Queen was released. A variety of products dedicated to the band and its members have taken its customer base by storm. Inspired by the band’s most iconic and memorable accessories and instruments, including Freddie Mercury’s yellow jacket and Brian May’s custom Red Special guitar, the brand has created an item for each member. Furthermore, there are a range of versatile printed bags and accessories decorated with Queen inspired imagery that are available. The range is captivating – inducing the magic of rock music into the brand’s portfolio. Other plans include the opening of a retail flagship store in 2022. In true Vendula London fashion, the store will incorporate English afternoon tea with an unprecedented twist. Throughout the next year, Vendula London is hoping to raise more awareness about cruelty-free and vegan products, informing potential customers as to how vegan handbags can be long lasting and highly fashionable without breaking the bank. It is abundantly clear why Vendula London is deserving of such an accolade like ‘Most Innovative Vegan Handbag Brand 2021.’ With a heavy focus on vegan and cruelty-free products, the brand continues to grow from strength-to-strength, creating exciting new products each season. Underneath the lavish handbags and intricate designs, is a company that cares about its impact on the world. From environmental sustainability to its promise to deliver quality, Vendula London is an ethical brand that practices what it preaches without disregarding experimentation and fun. Clearly burning within the company is the constant desire to please its customers, and with many opulent and innovative products in the pipeline, Vendula London is determined to continue developing highquality vegan products. Contact: Karin Ridgers (PR) Company: Vendula London Limited Web Address: 6 | LUXlife Magazine Winter Edition 2022 | 7 Most Innovative Vegan Handbag Brand 2021 Founded in 2003 during a chance meeting between Vendula Zemanova and Raymond Lam, the brand Vendula London was born – and it has been rocking the fashion world ever since. Quickly becoming a staple amongst numerous collections, Vendula London creates quirky, colourful, and fashionable bags and accessories that are both unique and affordable. Coming a long way from its humble beginnings as a wholesale brand, the business has since gone global, with a loyal customer base spanning across Europe and Asia. From the UK to Japan, Vendula London has found its place in the mid-market, settling in the gap neglected by other leading brands. Furthermore, Vendula London are devoted to producing crueltyfree, vegan products that are both stylish and durable. The company, using vegan leather and bright synthetics, consistently innovates and inspires, and henceforth has become a stand-out in its industry. Constantly pushing the boundary and transgressing the limits of couture fashion, Vendula London experiments with unconventional and often eccentric designs. Indeed, the brand opts to lean into its alternative style, offering a variety of spectacular collections such as Vendula Apothecary, The Swan Inn, and the Fortune Teller collection. The Shakespeare’s Theatre – Macbeth collection is heavily inspired by the Jacobean tragedy. Depicting elements of the Globe Theatre and the play’s Three Witches – represented, naturally, by cats – the collection fully utilises Vendula London’s ability to create intricate, out-there pieces whilst maintaining a sense of sophistication. Manufacturing its pieces in a variety of styles, Vendula London truly caters to its customers’ individual preferences. Whether it is delicate grab bags or large, spacious shoppers, there’s no denying Vendula London’s dedication to providing glamorous, vegan products. Each item is crafted Its accessories are all created with cruelty-free, vegan products, and, handily, can be paired with a matching bag. Producing multiple sizes of wallet, phone cases, and purses, the company continues to stray away from conventional designs, instead playing with illustrations and embroidery to adorn its pieces. Fashion is the epitome of self-expression – from the days of punk street fashion to haute couture runway shows, there is a style that suits everyone. Indeed, fashion has defined entire eras, and innovative designers, such as Vivienne Westwood, have influenced the costume of entire movements. Joining them in their ranks is Vendula London, an imaginative handbag and accessories brand that creates cruelty-free, vegan products. Limited Availability Only one Available Editor’s Choice Package Main front cover image & headline 4 page article placed at the front end of the magazine 2 Bespoke trophies 1 Wall plaque Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate 8-page digital brochure 100 high quality copies of your 8-page brochure Double page spread in a future edition of LUXlife 4,995 GBP Platinum Package 2,995 GBP Supporting front cover image & headline 2 page article Bespoke trophy Wall plaque Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate 4-page digital brochure