2019 Travel & Tourism Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 17 LUX 2019 Travel & Tourism Awards has cellular service, and in the unlikely event that the cell network is down, texts and calls can also be made through an on-site satellite phone system. Finally, there is the additional tried-and-true option of long-range radio transmissions, which was the region’s original line of communication to the world. To provide prompt attention to all manner of guest needs and unforeseen contingencies, the resort remains in constant contact with their central office in Bali. There, the director of operations and the concierge team coordinate everything from last-minute itinerary changes to emergency response efforts and the fulfillment of special requests. As part of its ongoing focus on exceptional guest experiences, Wakatobi has well- established protocols that have resulted in an exemplary safety record throughout its twenty- four years of services.There are procedures in place to passively and unobtrusively reinforce the safety and well-being of guests. Should accidents happen, it is the response to those situations that sets Wakatobi apart from many other remote destinations. The company has invested millions of dollars into building and maintaining an infrastructure that provides clientele with both necessities and luxuries. Eighteen years ago, they built their own mile-long paved airstrip to dramatically reduce travel time to and from the resort. This dedicated airstrip, coupled with the intimate knowledge of options available for medevac charter, provides an unrivalled opportunity to assist in arranging prompt and appropriate medical evacuation should a guest ever require emergency treatment. In the majority of cases, the Wakatobi team is able to provide on-site solutions to the more routine bumps and scratches that might occur. They maintain a full stock of medical gear and medication, and there is a clinic on the nearby neighboring island sufficiently equipped for general treatments. Looking ahead, the future is bright for this dynamic and proactive resort, with plans for adding more pool villas and ocean bungalows. Wakatobi Resort has recently completed construction of their second private boat, which provides the ultimate in personalized attention, snorkelling and diving freedom. Guests of the resort can reserve this large 21-meter boat, either for their personal use, as a couple or in a group of up to six. Hiring a private boat allows divers and snorkelers to create their own itinerary, visiting sites of their choosing on their own schedule. They can spend the day aboard, enjoying catered lunch or dinner, which can be served on the top deck under the stars; breakfast is also an option for those wanting to get an early start on the day. Families report the private boat option is a must-have for creating memories of a day where there are no distractions and a total focus on family fun. As such, the resort will continue to serve its discerning clientele and provide them with award-winning experiences for many years to come. Company: Wakatobi Resort and Pelagian Dive Yacht Contact: Karen Stearns Email: [email protected] or office@ wakatobi.com Website: www.wakatobi.com

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