2019 Travel & Tourism Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 21 “All of this is vital as we believe that it very important to ensure our clients know about where they are going and what to expect, so we share our personal experiences and best recommendations. Also, we are able to recommend experiences that fit with our client’s lifestyle and what they enjoy. Once everything is booked, we deliver a comprehensive electronic itinerary on our mobile app, as well as local guides/directories and also a paper copy of all of this and associated vouchers. Then, we re-confirm every booking at least one week before arrival ensuring our clients vacation leaves nothing up for surprises. Once our clients have arrived, within a day we check-in via our app. to ensure all is well. While on their trip, they will encounter some nice “Spoil You” touches in their hotels or cruise specifically placed by their Travel advisor. Lastly, we follow-up with our clients upon arriving home to listen to their feedback and learn what they loved the best or if anything could have been better. We love to hear from our clients during a trip so if anything that needs to be changed, or handled we can do it right then and there.” Thanks to more than three decades experience in the industry, TravelAbundance has a vast wealth of knowledge on the market, and keeps its finger firmly on the pulse of the latest market developments. Natalie shares an insight into the latest trends she and her team are noticing and how they are adapting around them. “Another way clients are traveling is using Airbnb, and as a result we have created a business model that works for everyone in researching, selecting and managing these properties for our clients. Lastly, we see trends in unique experiences and we have partnered with companies like Eatwith to offer dinners with locals as a host that are vetted with delicious menus and fellow travellers, or wine tours that encompass local wineries. As a local agency, bespoke tours and trips are our speciality and we love to deliver Authentic experiences that are curated to meet our clients discerning tastes.” Concluding her insight into TravelAbundance’s success, Natalie discusses the agency’s bright future as it continues to attract top travel industry talent who are able to offer the clients a truly exceptional level of service they cannot find elsewhere. “Looking forward, TravelAbundance is still growing and we are attracting top calibre advisors that really care about their clients and are experts in their field. We have one of the world’s top trip designers for Morocco and Turkey on our team currently, and he is hired by clients from all over the world to design their trips to these two countries. Another one of our travel advisors is a wellness travel expert and event planner, so they can help our clients to plan their retreats and identify the best suppliers who focus on true wellness experiences. We have recently brought on a 20-year veteran of the cruise industry who is very knowledgeable on the numerous cruise lines as well as the best value for your vacation $$. Sales Incentives and Destination Weddings is an area Natalie specializes in as well as custom European designs. We will be growing in 2019 and our goal by 2021 is to have 7 professional advisors serving our growing client base.” Company: TravelAbundance Name: Natalie Kloss-Biagini Address: 211 Finn Street, Austin, Tx 78734 Telephone Number: 5129473385 Web Address: www.travelabundance.com “Here at TravelAbundance we are a full-service travel agency, and as such we not only book the trip for our clients, but we are also there to fully support them while they are traveling as well, and looking forward, TravelAbundance is still growing.”