2019 Travel & Tourism Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 31 LUX 2019 Travel & Tourism Awards “Seeking to offer guests an experience that’s beneficial both to them and to Kenya, Karibu Kenya focuses on sustainability, and collaborates with a range of local providers to ensure every trip inflicts as little environmental damage as possible.” providers to ensure every trip inflicts as little environmental damage as possible, as Tamara highlights. “At Karibu Kenya, we believe strongly in being eco-friendly and work with hotels, airlines and ground handlers who follow the principles of ecotourism. Jake Grieves-Cook, founder of Gamewatchers Safaris, was at the forefront of the establishment of conservancies in Kenya; these have substantially extended the wildlife areas of Kenya to the benefit of both the wildlife and the local communities. We’re proud to work alongside this innovative company to provide our guests with a view of Kenya at its finest.” The future looks bright for both Karibu Kenya and Tamara herself, who is now broadening her horizons by offering trips to Ethiopia alongside her Kenyan tours, as she is happy to conclude. “In 2018, I opened sister company Exclusive Ethiopia: www.exclusiveethiopia. com. Through this new company, I offer personalised and authentic holidays in all regions of Ethiopia. Over the last few years, I’ve travelled extensively around Ethiopia; I’m extremely excited about what I’ve seen there and keen to share it with the world. “With regards to the future of Karibu Kenya, we’re currently updating the firm’s website to the newest and most interactive version available. This will allow us to include current specials, as well as an up-to-date blog on all aspects of what’s available in Kenya. I’m delighted that I’ll be able to use my background in Creative Writing and my many years of experience writing about Kenya for inflight magazines and more to keep my clients informed about my most recent discoveries around Kenya. This will give me the opportunity to make my clients aware of what they might like to look out for and what they might want to do, and will give me even more capability to create the exact holiday that suits them. I’m also adding a yoga section to the website, through which my clients can book yoga retreats around Kenya. A yoga teacher myself, I’m excited to showcase the stunning spaces in Kenya where yoga can be practised, and to highlight the beautiful and innovative styles of yoga that are taking off in Kenya and around the world. I hope these developments will ensure my firm’s success in the years to come.”

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