2019 Travel & Tourism Awards

Page 46 www.lux-review.com LUX 2019 Travel & Tourism Awards Team Music provides corporate clients our main music teambuilding innovation - BANDINC ® : The Ultimate Corporate Rock Band Program. This transformational program spans half-day to full-day retreats for 10-350pax. This program has run for 300 sessions with over 20,000 participants. Absolutely no musical experience is required at all, and as such this versatile solution is able to support a wide range of clients across the corporate landscape. Clients include household names such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin, UBS, Gartner, Great Eastern, Datalogic, Lenovo, Sabic, SMU, GlaxoSmithKline, Gemalto, Roche, Bidvest, M1 and Johnson & Johnson. Other clients include government agencies and public schools, and as such the team at Team Music have a vast array of experience Team Music offers fun, highly engaging company team building and team bonding activities, games and ideas for 10-350pax in Singapore. Having recognised the firm in this year’s Travel & Tourism Awards we profile it to showcase the unique solutions it has to offer. Team Music PTE LTD Best Corporate Team Building & Conference Specialists - Hong Kong and are able to tailor their services to meet their clients’ individual needs. Additionally, Team Music is registered as event organisers with both the Singapore and Hong Kong Tourist Boards, and as such is able to offer unique experiences to a wide range of visitors. Seeking to build on its already incredible success, Team Music has ambitious plans for expansion for 2019 and beyond. Both geographical and sectorial growth is on the cards, with the company planning to create new programmes and solutions to remain able to offer its clients the team building solutions they need, whilst at the same time seeking to move into new regions such as China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Australia, Middle East, Europe, United States. These developments will help the company to flourish and win more awards such as this, which help build its reputation for excellence and recognise it as one of the key players in today’s competitive corporate team building market. Company: Team Music PTE LTD Name: Daniel Kan WeChat ID: teammusic Line ID: teammusic.com Telephone Number: +6597317467 Web Address: www.teammusic.com

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