Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 19 villas are not available on the public website to guarantee maximum privacy, peace and quiet whilst on the perfect Balearic holiday. Renowned across the world, the concierge services at Deliciously Sorted are the stuff of legend. The company’s pride and joy, the ten- man concierge department are all specialised within specific areas of the sector. Whatever the need, Deliciously Sorted can find a qualified individual that will go above and beyond in their servitude. Just a handful of the specialised individuals include babysitters, chefs, butlers, bodyguards, personal trainers, reflexologists, beauticians, and sports instructors. For those in search of the world-famous and vibrant nightlife of Ibiza, the highly-specialised night club table service that the concierge department offers is truly one-of-a-kind. Queue jumping even the VIP line, guests are met and promptly seated by dedicated nightclub managers, thanks to Deliciously Sorted’s personal relationship with them. Serena Cook has not only created the most luxurious holidaying experience that the Balearic Islands have ever played host to; she has also created the most client-centric. Everything, from the simply stunning villas to the unwavering servitude of the superb staff, is done to ensure that the most famous individuals in the world receive nothing but the absolute best. Deliciously Sorted is more than just a holiday experience; it is the epitome of exceptionality enveloped in the luxury of truly magical islands. Company: Deliciously Sorted Ibiza Contact: [email protected] Website: Serena Cook