Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 25 contain some more unusual experiences, which allows clients to enjoy genuine local encounters, beyond the superficial or commercial veil. If all of this isn’t enough, clients also have a 24/7 phone number they can reach the team at Kaleidoscope on, in case of an emergency or if they have any queries. Today, many are becoming increasingly conscious about the effects mass tourism has, and how more and more urban or natural sites are getting chronically overcrowded, which results in individuals having negative experiences, as well as the damages it has on the local environment. Kaleidoscope have noticed that some have already started to orientate their holiday choices around this, whether it be cutting down on flights, travelling off season or even avoiding some activities that are too harmful for the environment. At Kaleidoscope, the team are trying to anticipate this by selecting local partners who minimize social and environmental impacts. For instance, in Vietnam they have stopped sending clients to Sapa, where mass tourism leads to frantic real estate development and the cultural oppression of ethnic minorities ; or to Halong Bay, where big resorts and numerous cruise ships overcrowd the area and dump their waste directly in the bay. In addition to being more conscious about the effects of mass tourism, many are seeking genuine experiences during their travels, as mentioned earlier. From getting a grasp of what local life is really like, enjoying local activities, individuals want the opportunity to feel that they are fully immersed in both the destination and the culture, a vision that Celine and the team hope to achieve with every client they work with. Signing off, Celine reveals how the Kaleidoscope team have prepared themselves to stay ahead of trends in the years to come. “This has always been our own vision of travel, and what we have already been trying to suggest to our clients for several years, so we’re quite turn key on this trend. Being a very small and agile operator, we are in a very good position to spend the time necessary to unearth the perfect experiences to add authenticity to a client’s trip.” Contact: Celine Leguay Company: Kaleidoscope Address: 9 Rue De La Rivière, 42160 Bonson, France Telephone: +33 (0) 627 172 155 Email: [email protected] Web: