Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 33 For hotels, becoming a partner with Global United eSales can benefit in a multitude of other ways, as well as the increased social media visibility. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly when running a business, there are no costs involved. Becoming a hotel partner means minimal work for the property itself; instead Global United eSales do all the hard work to find guests at no cost. Hotels can also connect to global travel markets, and have a profile created. There is also an advanced marketing suite of products and service that can be included for a minimum cost, ensuring that every luxury hotel around the world has access to the social media services they may desperately need to survive in an ever-more digital world. In every service delivered, Global United eSales always strives to deliver the highest quality of service, whilst directly addressing the needs of clients on a global level. The organization brings together consultants and practitioners in a world-class combination of improvement competency, insight, process, and best practice. The team of seasoned industry professionals take a personal interest in each hotel that signs up to partner with the firm. The highly-dedicated and knowledgeable individuals make sure that any potential hotel buyers receive the best booking experience possible, full of information about a property and what it offers. Reshaping the travel and tourism industry online is no small feat, but one that Global United eSales remains wholly committed to every single day. As travel agencies and agents alike must adapt to new technologies and market trends, the firm seeks to shift its focus towards meeting expectations in online experiences. As previously mentioned, millennials are a huge market for the industry. Young people in 2015 set aside an approximate figure of more than $226 billion for travel collectively; they are a vital market for airlines, hotels, and major travel brands. Videos of truly luxurious hotels and holidays are surfacing every single day online, and becoming one of them can help hotels become the luxury icons of tomorrow. Global United eSales is the key to making that happen. True luxury may not be in offering such a glimpse of paradise; perhaps it instead lies in seeing the radiant smile of those who get to experience it. Company: Global United eSales ApS Contact: [email protected] Website: