Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 35 County, it has also been an economic powerhouse for the region. Through creating new positions, hiring more staff, and renovating its office spaces, every team member works tirelessly to help shed more light on the wonder of Valley Forge by promoting its natural, cultural, and historic assets. Raised visibility drives revenue as a tourism destination. Across Montgomery County, the organization’s efforts have made a hugely positive impact on the economy, accounting for more than $1.65 billion and 20,000 jobs. In 2017 alone, more than two million people visited the Valley Forge National Historical Park and generated just shy of forty million dollars. With the Visitor Center due to complete its massive renovation in late 2020, there is sure to be an increased influx of visitors looking to learn more about the rich history of America during its struggle to break free from British rule. However, the travel and tourism industry is one of perpetual change, driven by the ever- evolving needs and desires of visitors coming to an area. Staying ahead of these trends and changes is imperative for VFTCB’s continued success, especially given the recent focus on trends such as craft beer, travelling with pets, and accessibility requirements. Through three different platforms, the firm continues to engage with visitors in search of each trends. Montco Makers promotes craft beer, as well as wine and distilleries through brands, videos, and campaign initiatives. Embark Montco highlights pet-friendly hotels and the National Dog Show that is filmed in the region, and Access Montco helps to ensure totally accessible itineraries for every visitor. Luxury can take many forms, but helping guests to experience it in their own personal way is also in itself a luxury. The service that the team at VFTCB is nothing short of outstanding, helping people with everything from discovering their heritage, to spending a relaxing weekend shopping and enjoying the beauty of the Pennsylvanian countryside. The firm is at the zenith of its industry, offering a tourism experience that expertly fuses history and modernity into something unlike anything else. Company: Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board Contact: Rachel Riley Website: