Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 39 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 A travel agency with a difference, My Greek Friend offers an innovative, fresh and customer- focused approach to vacation packages. Instead of providing the same old deals, the team can offer customers truly bespoke solutions that meet the needs of the traveller. From those who want to settle down on a beach all day to those who want to discover the wild beauty of Greece for themselves, My Greek Friend confidently combines every element into an unforgettable experience. At the heart of My Greek Friend is the mission to provide hassle-free trip planning. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything that the budding traveller needs, covering flights, transfers, accommodation, private tours and outdoor activities to name but a few. This isn’t limited to before the holiday, for My Greek Friend is always on hand to make sure that everything is going smoothly and are always at a client’s disposal. It’s all about letting people experience the joys of Greece, in all its wholeness, while not having to worry about the smaller details. From hiking through the Meteora rock formations to see a gorgeous sunset to Island hopping on an adventure through the Aegean and Ionian seas to the Acropolis of Athens, there’s something for everyone. With such a small company, it’s no surprise that guests are treated as individuals and friends. They all receive the finest care and attention from a dedicated travel specialist to help them organize the idea holiday. Not only is this excellent customer service, but it is a Travel is such a personal topic and any trip can benefit from not only knowing what you want to do, but getting a perspective from someone who lives there. This is the idea behind My Greek Friend – a place where you can really design your trip to suit you, your group, their needs and desires. We took a closer look to find out more about how this award-winning company can help any visitor to Greece. My Greek Friend SA Best Online Inbound Travel Agency - Greece thoroughly exclusive process that guarantees a successful outcome. The plan is to update the way in which the website works, adding new services and ideas to make things easy for customers to use. Traveling has been changed forever by the rise in digital technology, and My Greek Friend is no different. There is so much information to absorb and consume, and so many varied ways in which to book a holiday that it can be overwhelming. To cut through the noise and bluster, what My Greek Friend brings is an authentic approach built on detailed inside knowledge. Instead of searching, they are an agency with local expertise. Instead of visiting Greece as an outsider, My Greek Friend allows travellers to see the country as a local might. My Greek Friend has made a special effort to try and make sure that as many as possible get to visit the beauty that is Greece as a country, culture and people. This has meant always searching for niche target groups across the globe to help with planning their vacations. The brand-new service, Autism Travel in Greece, is designed specifically to create an experience and environment to suit these needs. The team behind My Greek Friend are determined to ensure that Greece is a place that everyone can understand, with Greek cuisine, ancient ruins and blue waters accessible to anyone and everyone. Greece has some truly astonishing sights and experiences that can thrill and delight in equal measure. A guide to this wondrous country is a blessing to those wanting a simpler way to discover a country based on local knowledge and years of working in tourism. Taking the worry out of travel, My Greek Friend frees people to enjoy where they are and what they’re doing. An essential tool for any would- be traveler. Company: My Greek Friend SA Contact: George Kampourakis Website: