Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 45 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, full-to-bursting with vibrant life, culture, and a rich diverse history that continues to permeate areas of society today. Lush vegetation at every turn, and no shortage of special beaches ensure that it has remained one of the most extraordinary places on Earth for many years. It represents a destination of dreams for different travellers, each venturing for their own reason. From the adventurer and rugged mountain climber, to those who crave the wonderful simplicity of sun, sea, and sand, to corporate entities doing business or offering incentive tours, Sri Lanka has something for every type of visitor, and ALT is on hand to help make it happen. A shining example of what a one-stop-shop for the travel industry should be, ALT helps all manner of visitors prepare for their Sri Lankan adventure by handling the many different aspects to ensure minimal stress. For inbound travellers looking to experience the wonder of Sri Lanka and the warmth of its hospitality, ALT can help clients ranging from corporate entities to honeymooners, and everyone in between. The organisation helps to create bespoke itineraries and programmes that are inclusive of hotels, transport, tour guides, attractions, and sites of cultural importance. Covering the entirety of the country, each itinerary is tailor- made to suit exactly what the client needs. However, for those looking to say farewell to Sri Lanka for a short time, the outbound branch of ALT offers a complete suite of services aimed at minimising the stress so often involved with international travel. Exploring the stunning island of Sri Lanka is an experience that should be felt by all travellers, but the key to doing it in luxury lies in doing it right. However, there are also those who have to leave the island for business and require help in planning their journey. After its triumph as Sri Lanka’s Best Inbound/ Outbound B2B DMC, we profiled Asia Leisure Travels to learn more about what makes it such a worthy winner. Asia Leisure Travels Best Inbound/ Outbound B2B DMC - Sri Lanka Serving some of the biggest corporate entities in Sri Lanka, ALT facilitates overseas travel for business, as well as serving holidaymakers also wanting a stress-free experience. Boasting up-to-the-minute Sabre Flight Reservation Systems, the firm serves clients 24/7 throughout the year, as well as helping with travel insurance, transfers, hotel bookings, and visa assistance. In 2019, Sri Lanka was named as one of the best places to visit, not least for its outstanding natural beauty and the warmth of its people. As a result, tremendous amounts of people have visited the country, seeing it for themselves to understand just how precious a place it is. As a result, one of ALT’s biggest concerns lies in managing the higher demand for programmes in an ethical and viable manner. Towards the beginning of 2020, ALT will become only the fourth ISO-certified travel agency across the entirety of Sri Lanka. By having a qualification such as this, clients can begin to recognise the hard work, ethical practices, and operational procedures that have been put in place by the team. The business of selling dreams is one that many would ideally love to work in, but creating them in reality can be hard work. Yet, that is the luxury of what ALT does; the client reaps all the rewards of the team’s tireless research and planning. Leaving no stone unturned, the firm realise the dreams of those venturing to Sri Lanka, making them a memory to be treasured for decades to come. Company: Asia Leisure Travels Contact: Shane Gunawijeya Email: [email protected]