Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 47 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 For over fifteen years, In The Footsteps has run tours and bespoke excursions to battlefield sites. Travelling all over the world, the team are confident that whatever the needs of a customer, whether it’s a school trip getting a deeper understanding of war or an individual tracing the course of a long-lost relative. Every single battlefield tour is designed with an incredible amount of care and fidelity by a subject matter expert, utilising a wealth of expertise to deliver an experience that can never be forgotten. Each aims to answer as many questions as possible, capturing the reality of what happened as genuinely as possible. Never forgetting the heroism or the horrors of the situation, In The Footsteps offers clients an unprecedented insight into the truth of the battlefield. The range of options that In The Footsteps has to offer suits a wide range of needs, before taking into account the ability to request a truly unique direction. Through Genealogy Tours, customers can visit the sites and battlefields associated with their ancestor’s or relative’s battle, exploring the place where they encamped, fought and were perhaps captured, wounded or died. Flexi Tours offer a more general perspective on the battlefield, spreading chronologically from the Medieval period, through the Napoleonic Wars to the modern First and Second World Wars. The horrors of war can seem a million miles away from our 21st Century sensibilities. The work of a battlefield tour operator is an invaluable service to those who really want to get a sense of what happened. Built on history, battles long since lost to the mists of time can be brought back to life, made real to our eyes and the smallest fragment understood. The exceptional and award-winning In The Footsteps Battlefield Tours is the leader in the field, so we decided to take a closer look. In The Footsteps Battlefield Tours Best Historic Battlefield Tour Operator - UK Of course, special Anniversary Tours capture the zeitgeist, with the customer able to not only visit the battlefield and associated sites, but to do so on the date of the anniversary. These events include attending the accompanying commemorations as well as touring. It’s an amazing opportunity to see the impact that these battles have so many years since. Finally, the last of the general options is the Private Group Tour, where customers choose the battlefields and sites they wish to visit. This tour is ideal for clubs, schools, universities, Cadet forces and other groups, with the guide able to adapt the style, content and delivery to match the needs of the visiting group. It is the subject matter experts guiding people through the tours that really elevate In The Footsteps above its competitors. These are often individuals, working as sole traders who offer a similarly bespoke service. As a collective of experts, however, In The Footsteps offers superior customer service, an astonishingly flexible approach and a breadth of knowledge drawn from a wider pool. This is a company that can hire local guides who cover a single area and specialists who cover a particular era. There are guides who are published historians, ex-military personnel who can add a soldier’s perspective to proceedings. Throughout this comprehensive service, the customer is put first and foremost. In The Footsteps can organise a full tour package, or just a guide to the battlefield. Instead of being shown what the tour operator wants to show, the customer can take a lead on discovering the places important to them. There are always lessons to be learned from history, and it is all too easy to ignore them because they feel so far removed. Taking people to the centre of these conflicts with an objective approach, but equally empathetic heart, means that In The Footsteps has something unique to offer all of its visitors. The footsteps of heroes are big for us to fill, but that doesn’t mean we can’t follow in them. Company: In The Footsteps Battlefield Tours Contact: Jo Gumm Email: [email protected] Website: