Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 50 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Europe is a continent that is as culturally rich as it is diverse. From Portugal to Poland, Belgium to Bulgaria, and France to Finland, the European continent is a treasure trove of culture, history, art, and life. It is a vast, far-reaching continent of intrigue, mystery, and excitement, with a new secret hidden in every cobbled alleyway. Tales of murderous kings and brave queens, of world wars and bloody revolutions, and of stunning artists and musical icons permeate every area of European life. Yet, for every story we know, there is a wealth of secrets behind it. Discovering the secrets and bringing them to life for discerning clients and worldly- knowledgeable travellers is So Me Travel, throwing open the door into the world of Europe’s rich music, art, culture, and heritage. So Me Travel provides bespoke travel experiences across Europe for the distinguished and discerning members of clubs, associations, and multinational companies, as well as those individuals who are deeply interested in culture, castles, or classical music. However, these are not regular excursions into some of Europe’s most well-known and renowned tourist sites. Rather, clients of So Me Travel can enjoy private invitations to estates and collections that are otherwise off-limits to the general Travelling is the perfect way to satiate one’s desire for excitement and adventure. Europe is the perfect destination, with a myriad of countries and histories to explore. Castles house tales of kings and knights, whilst art galleries can exquisitely capture the pain of the artist. Helping to unlock some of Europe’s most well-kept secrets is So Me Travel, named in LUXlife as the Best Bespoke Cultural European Travel Operators in 2020. We took a closer look at the firm to learn more about its luxury excursions. So Me Travel Best Bespoke Cultural European Travel Operators 2020 public. These are the hidden gems of Europe’s rich history; the refined experiences reserved for only the most shrewd of travellers. Working alongside private art clubs and multinational companies, So Me Travel seeks to create one-of-a-kind experiences for their members, clients, and key partners. Companies understand their sophisticated clientele, and realise that they require experiences beyond the ordinary to satisfy