Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 58 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 An uninfringed-upon paradise, Fiji is a place of true exquisiteness. A myriad of islands await, each with their own hidden secrets and natural jewels that far exceed any man-made attempt. Soft white sand melts beneath the feet, as crystalline waters sway softly up and down the beaches in a gentle symphony of serenity. Beneath the waves, coral reefs play host to a kaleidoscope of colours, as sunsets streak across the sky in vast, explosive paintings of reds, blues, pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges. Upon return to land, lush green forests and rugged landscapes welcome weary travellers back with open arms. Luxury overflows in this magical private paradise. For those in search of true luxury, Big Blue Fiji offers guests the chance to set sail on an awe-inspiring archipelago tour that will create lifelong memories unlike any other. Fiji boasts more than 330 islands, each just as magnificent as the next. With an array of forests, underwater caves, and some of the most incredibly varied marine life on Earth, Fiji is a haven like no other. The islands boast some of the best spots for fishing, diving, sailing, and surfing anywhere on the planet, ensuring that is has something for every type of guest. For those in search of adrenaline- fuelled adventure, diving amongst manta rays, bull and tiger sharks, and schools of fish is an experience not to be missed, whilst the more relaxed traveller can find solace on the unbelievably-isolated and peaceful beaches. Big Blue Fiji offers all of this, and There are few more luxurious things than simply setting sail out into the big blue ocean with the wind at your back, open water ahead, and the glory of the sun in a cloudless sky above. Such is the luxury of Big Blue Fiji, offering its clients the chance to create bespoke sailing charters around the Fijian archipelago on its own stunning catamaran, Aparima. Uncover the secrets behind one of Earth’s most beautiful countries as we take a closer look at Big Blue Fiji’s offerings. Big Blue Fiji Best Bespoke Marine Tourism Agency - Fiji so much more with its friendly, passionate, knowledgeable, and wonderfully kind crew aboard the private catamaran, Aparima. The crew is made up of capitaine extraordinaire Jerry, his enthusiastic and infectiously-funny second-in-command Knox, exceptional chef Laura, and her husband Joe, experienced scuba and free diving coach. Each member of the Big Blue Fiji family brings an unwavering love and passion for the islands, and a deeply