Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 63 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 For the past forty years, Swire Travel has managed to meet a wealth of different needs and requirements from its customers. Arranging everything from adventure holidays to cruises, from documentation checking to transport rental organization, this is a company that just about does it all. For those lucky people who can call themselves Swire Travelers, they have access to an incredible network of specialists who are committed to finding the perfect solution to pursuits both professional and personal. This provides the opportunity to combine the specifics of local knowledge with a global canvas, creating a travel experience that is uniquely personalized to the needs of any client. A dedicated team of Travel Consultants will not only know, but understand, their clients’ specific needs for travel, whether it be the simplest business trip to the most complex conference journey. Every trip is afforded the personal touch. With travel playing such a pivotal role in the world of corporate success, there is the need to leverage this highly personal, affable customer service with the cutting edge of travel technology. A robust online booking system allows the customer access to real-time information on available commercial flights and hotel accommodation, empowering business travelers to make the best decisions possible. Like all things, making decisions that are accurate depends heavily on the information available, and one of the many services available to Swire Travelers is the ability to check travel activity. Swire Travel can offer When looking into the world of luxury travel, the sheer variety of what is on offer is amazing. For every single need, there is some sort of system in place. The world of corporate travel might sound like any other but is specifically designed to support the needs of those high-level decision makers in the height of style. Swire Travel Philippines Inc. have an exceptional talent in this area, so here at LUXlife, we decided to find out a little more. Swire Travel Philippines Inc. Best Corporate Travel Agency - Philippines a customized report with consolidated and accurate information of travel data. With this, it is possible to gather the information required to monitor not only performance indicators but travel behavior. This allows business travelers to change their strategies to reduce the significant costs of frequent travel. Another service Swire Travel provides that is exclusive to their corporate customers is the chance to take part in a pre-departure briefing. Pooling all the resources from the significant talents available to the Swire Travel team, the advice that is provided is specific and targeted to those with limited time and a need to get a holistic view on the situation. Covering the important factors that will affect a stay such as travel advice, preparation for accommodation, visa and financing, it’s the perfect chance to meet with experts and discuss the factors that could affect the success of your business trip. As Swire Travel has continued to grow in size and stature, it is clear that working with the corporate sector has propelled that growth forward. Currently, the team are working on other ways of expanding and make the name of Swire Travel more well-known. It is working on achieving this through embracing the potential presented by digitalization in major aspects of marketing and client service. Having handled mostly corporate accounts over the years, the company is now making headway in the promotion of domestic inbound travel as well. With the Philippines becoming an increasingly attractive destination to visit, it is no surprise that this travel agency is exploring ways of making the most of it. It’s no wonder Swire Travel has not just won awards in LUXlife, but has also been recognized by a reputable international travel publication as being one of ASEAN’s most enduring travel agencies. The clear appeal to potential customers is the unique service Swire Travel offers, bringing corporate clients the comfort, security and peace of mind that allows them to excel at their jobs. This attention to detail is what has allowed the company, and its hardworking team, to achieve such amazing success. Company: Swire Travel Philippines Inc.