Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 64 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 The best marketing doesn’t force meaning on its audience. It simply shares its message. The winners of LUXlife’s Travel Guide of the Year didn’t have specific ideas for the cover, in fact it happened by accident. That said, the image of renowned potter Eck McCanless carrying the results of his craft captures a humility yet a pride in his work, a coarseness combined with a sophistication that draws people in. Encapsulating the best in the business, it’s a friend for those in unfamiliar waters. The reason behind its success comes from the Heart of North Carolina Visitors Bureau. As the official destination marketing organization for the Randolph County Tourism Development Authority, it is the main force for ensuring that there is strategic and visitor- centric development of Randolph County. Between the pages of its exceptional travel guide, visitors are taken on a journey through all there is to see and do. Each exceptional facet in the community is brought together to tell a story. Put simply, the Heart of North Carolina brings the best experiences that Randolph County has to the forefront. The focus on experience is deliberate, as the six-strong team that make up this marketing marvel understand “what” attracts them to an area is not as important as what they are able to take away with them. The focus, therefore, has turned very deliberately towards creating user experiences that encourage people to stay in the area for longer. Luxury tourism is about knowing what’s out there. From the finest restaurants to the most exciting experiences, a little knowledge can lead to lots of adventure. Through its travel guide, the Heart of North Carolina Visitors Bureau has drawn together the best of the nine cities and towns of the heart of North Carolina for the discerning visitor. Here at LUXlife, we took some time to find out more about this fascinating winner and what it does for the local community. Heart of North Carolina Visitors Bureau Travel Guide of the Year 2020 - North Carolina Perhaps the main attraction that the Heart of North Carolina can boast about is the North Carolina Zoo. As the world’s largest natural habitat wildlife park, it proudly hosted more than 900,000 visitors during 2019. This number is only expected to increase during the next year as it gains a major highway giving direct access and exposure on a nationally broadcast television documentary. Conceptually about the way in which the North Carolina Zoo leads the way and has achieved global recognition for setting zoo standards, it is set to broadcast in Fall 2020 on Nat Geo Wild. Having to represent an incredibly broad range of businesses, organizations, companies and experiences is no easy task, and making sure that the team undertaking these tasks can perform to the best of their abilities is just as challenging. The Heart of North Carolina has tackled this through creating an enjoyable work environment, where work is matched to the skills of the team and flexible work schedules ensure that those who need it are able to excel in every aspect of their lives. This is why the Heart of North Carolina succeeds, because through this loyalty, it creates excellent brand ambassadors not just on the job but throughout the community and the state at large. Looking ahead, the Heart of North Carolina will continue to push its interests further, creating new opportunities for businesses and organizations and exploring new ways of sharing their fascinating stories. There are not many places that can tie together pottery and the Petty family or talk of Kersey Valley’s outside activities in the same breath as the American Classic Motorcycle Museum. Inside this travel guide you’re invited to see the finest places that the heart of North Carolina has to offer, and between the lines are the stories you have to visit to understand. Company: Heart of North Carolina Visitors Bureau Contact: Tammy O’Kelley Website: