Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 66 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Whether travelling domestically or abroad, travellers can unite behind the challenges of luggage. Those travelling lightly find that there is always something left behind and those who don’t, or can’t, battle with ever-increasing items. Bagsahead takes the strain from the weary traveller, handling luggage movements of every kind. The unique service that Bagsahead brings to the market can be found in its door-to-door delivery service of any and all luggage types. Whether it’s time for a holiday or a house-move, corporate requirement or skis for a sports event, Bagsahead has the logistical expertise to handle whatever is thrown at it. Instead of carrying bulky baggage through airport terminals and train station concourses, passengers can saunter through check-in, with no need to wait around at the carousels when they arrive either. Because Bagsahead operates in an emerging market, many people are not yet aware of the many advantages that this separate service can bring. It’s a major advantage to anybody going anywhere, from those who travel regularly for business to those families who have saved for their dream holiday. Bagsahead bring this awareness to every booking, treating each as uniquely important. Once used, people love what Bagsahead offer, shown by its increasing number of repeat customers, all delighting in the fact that they’ll never have to carry their luggage again! Achieving the immense logistical challenge of transporting everything from bags to bicycles is no mean feat, and the ability to generate such goodwill comes from a talented team thoroughly committed to providing the ultimate in customer service. From the initial enquiry Weight restrictions are the bane of any seasoned traveller, matched only by struggling with those awkwardly sized items through public transport. Fortunately, there is now a solution. Fully tracked and door-to-door, Bagsahead Ltd ensures that no bag is left behind. Having managed to deliver such incredible success, we took a closer look at the company to find out more. Bagsahead Ltd Best International Luggage Delivery Service - UK on the clean and easy-to-use website, to the handover of items at their final destination, the process is flawless throughout. The website is a significant accomplishment, allowing clients easy, intuitive access to accurate pricing without the need to weigh or measure items. With the ability to deliver items wherever a customer is going being paramount, it’s no surprise that the UK’s relationship with Europe is of particular interest to this company. Bagsahead has plenty of experience with customs and shipments of every sort, however, meaning that they are in an excellent position to allow for whatever changes are made at the border. This forethought is just one of the reasons why customers trust Bagsahead with their treasured possessions. As with any delivery process, delays are always a possibility. This is why additional time is built in, with the ability to perform a live track-and-trace on items so that any necessary actions can be done during a journey and not left to chance. Every member of the crew believes in what Bagsahead has to offer, determined to find ways in which they can develop the still-fresh brand. Despite being an innovative company in an emerging market, Bagsahead is still looking to find the next step in delivery. The primary focus at the moment is on the creation of bespoke packaging for all the luggage types that Bagsahead carries. The prototypes have already proven to be a success, and it is planned to roll out these changes over the next year. It’s just one of the many ways in which Bagsahead is working hard to deliver a securer, faster service for clients. Delivering items might not seem like a luxury at first thought, but knowing that those valued items are safely in hand or that you don’t have to struggle with those bulky items is an incredible feeling. Taking the strain out of travel, Bagsahead delivers exceptional service every time. Company: Bagsahead Ltd Contact: Chris Boddington Website: