Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 72 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Co-owned and independently managed, IVI DMC Enterprises is a consortium that leads the way in Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia, over more than thirty destinations. It is perfectly equipped to bring its business clients something a little out of the norm, with intimate local knowledge allowing groups access to often unexplored facets of a country. IVI DMC Enterprises’ name is derived from its two specialisms, firstly as a point of contact for Meeting Planners about the possibilities that a destination has to offer and also as a provider of full planning and local logistics services for M&E group programs. Thirty-three years in the industry has encouraged the development of strong international processes that bring everyone involved to the same level of finesse and luxury. When it comes to events for corporations, whether it’s an incentive reward, meeting or convention, there is no finer service available than IVI DMC Enterprises. Quite simply the best, they can handle all of the administrative tasks from registration, A/V equipment and dinner programs to those memorable events that bring a place to life like themed events, entertainment and VIP assistance. With travel so easily accessed, there is almost an obligation to try and inform, educate and create lasting experiences that can exceed something such as an ordinary meeting or incentive trip. To this end, IVI DMC Enterprises are constantly developing new ways in which to demonstrate the areas that their clients visit. These result in unforgettable trips and experiences that make a real impact on the participants. When dealing with a different sort of tourist, you need a different sort of tourism. Corporate tourism benefits hugely from hiring expert Destination Management Companies such as IVI DMC Enterprises. Handling all the logistics means that these businesses can focus on doing what they do best. How has IVI DMC Enterprises achieve such success? We take a closer look, to find out more. IVI DMC Enterprises Best Corporate DMC 2020 - Latin America The overall aim of IVI DMC Enterprises is simply to show its clients that their goals are its goals. It frequently delivers services that exceed industry standards and customer expectations. Co-owning offices really frees staff to make the decisions necessary to satisfy what the customer needs. While franchise operators often need to follow inflexible rules, the trust that IVI DMC Enterprises tries to engineer in its clients begins with its employees. They are empowered to do whatever it takes to make them happy. This trust is staff is the most valuable resource that IVI DMC Enterprises has to offer. This 150-strong team spread across the Latin American network are the powerhouse behind the organization. Combining several different elements, it’s not surprising that clients don’t just find hard workers, but people who have made helping other people a core part of their lives and have learned how to do so as effectively as possible. Sustainability is an incredibly sensitive topic within the world of tourism, and its importance grows daily. Any project or event run through IVI DMC Enterprises makes sustainability a priority, with its own Amigos of the Planet Foundation offering activities for groups that focus on training, team building and community service and always favour the benefits on health, education and environmental protection. As a DMC, IVI DMC Enterprises is one of the best in the business. What it offers is a potent combination of flexibility and knowledge that allows to match clients of any size. Whether they want to place themselves in the heart of the community or bring the community to them, there’s something for everyone with IVI DMC Enterprises. Company: IVI DMC Enterprises Contact: Raquel Mijares, CIS, DMCP Website: