Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 85 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Firstly, please can you tell us a bit more about Orange DMC, the work you do and the types of clients with whom you work? At Orange, we believe that custom travel is an art - finely honed by years of experience. Orange specialises in creating bespoke, custom, tailor-made travel within the Indian subcontinent. Each trip we create is crafted individually and has its own unique character and influence designed to appeal to the global traveller who is looking at a more immersive experience. Be it a family holiday, solo travel, a couple, business travel or a group tour we are focused towards creating once in a lifetime trip. Specifically, within the travel and tourism market what services do you offer? Planning a trip can be as exciting as it is exhausting. The planning can get daunting, it can overwhelm you and there is the fear of falling into the tourist trap and this is where we come in. So whether it is a bespoke itinerary, a special interest group, business travel, accommodation, airline booking or planning experiences we take change of it end to end to infuse your trip with a unique sense of adventure and unforgettable individuality. What is Orange DMC’s approach client service? We are a boutique agency that is focused on providing world class customer service. Our approach is personalised and we like to get to know our clients or the company we deal with before we can plan every bit of the journey to their liking, interest, budget and wanderlust. Everyone has something that makes them tick and it is our task to curate a trip that makes them feel alive. If there is one place on Earth that truly captures the vibrancy and diversity of life like no other, it is the Indian subcontinent. Bursting with colours, textures, flora, and fauna, this paradise offers more than you could ever imagine, with cultural gems and natural wonders hidden around every corner. Helping travellers experience just a fraction of how incredible India truly is, it is Orange – The Destination Management Company. To learn more about this firm’s exquisite and customisable travel experiences, we caught up with Manan Mahajan to find out more. Orange-The DMC Best Bespoke Tour Operator - India Tell us a little bit about your staff and the role they play in the overall success of the firm? Our team brings together a formidable and diverse mix of skill sets and experiences, each one is a seasoned traveler along with being a specialist in planning itineraries / trips but above all, they are all passionate about the Indian subcontinent, what it has to offer and they display a keen eye to detailing. With first-hand experience they can help any travel plans and give valuable insights into any travel destinations and experiences and their eye for detail ensures that no element in your travel plan is missed or left to chance and each day is planned to enchant and surprise you. Within the wider travel and tourism market, what are the trends that you are experiencing and how is your company adapting to it? Over the last year we have been viewing trends that revolve around travel that is ‘out of the ordinary’ or travel experiences that are authentic and connect you to the destination. Me and my team’s experience have allowed us access to some exceptional and very passionate individuals from top guide, historians, award winning naturalists, conservationists, royal families, artists, local craftsmen and women who have done some exceptional work for the society. Together we help our clients travel deeper and find a connect to the destination they are in. It is great fun and a matter of pride for us to deliver these trips. Finally, what does the future have in store for Orange DMC? Are there any exciting projects or visit that you are happy to share with us? Going forward, we strive to outdo ourselves every year when it comes to client feedback and will continue to focus on tailor-made trips but very consciously we are trying to introduce the element of wellness and slow living into all our trip whether it is eating organic, local or incorporating yoga classes or even a nature walk into programs that are not rushed. Lastly, we are also very committed to raising awareness around social and environmental issues, as well as trying to set an example and be responsible. Company: Orange – The Destination Management Company Contact: Manan Mahajan Website: