Travel & Tourism Awards 2021 Page 11 LUX 2021 Travel & Tourism Awards With a tagline of ‘Global Tourism Solutions by Global Tourism People’, InnTerActive Marketing is committed to providing speciality marketing support to the hospitality & tourism sector. We speak to the passionate founder of the firm, and industry expert, Lula S. Cassidy. InnTerActive Best Outsourcing Hospitality Marketing Consulting Firm - New York Jan21449 InnTerActive Marketing is an outsourcing revenue growth, management, sales, marketing and digital media consulting firm for the hospitality, travel & tourism industry. It specialises in assisting owners, management companies, developers, and hotel & restaurant financial lenders to achieve top revenue results for their hospitality assets. “The services we provide to our clients could be summed up best in three very powerful words ‘We Grow Revenue’,” explains hotel and tourism industry expert, Lula S. Cassidy. Lula, who operates as the President and CEO of InnTerActive Marketing, founded, and incorporated the company in 2004 and is known as a turnaround artist in the industry. She is a specialist in jump starting and breathing new life into projects struggling with branding, marketing, and generating revenue growth in top line sales. Lula, has a keen innovate talent for seeing hospitality re-imagined. “In our many years in business, it is the integrity and trust that we build with our client-based programmes that truly is our core foundation. Whether we are creating a sales programme for a large hotel brand to help reinforce success for their franchisees, support a management company in revenue analysis & strategic personnel as they go through mergers and growth spurts or present a city with a new way to re-emerge in order to generate sustainable tourism solutions that incorporate their best experiences, we never lose site that all big businesses in this industry is made up of small business owners that require strength, stability and resilient partnerships with people who have solutions.” Lula tells us that, in nearly 20 years of operation, the firm’s support and bold-yet- discreet approach has remained the same and it is this that the firm’s success can, in part, be attributed to. Many of InnTerActive’s clients, up to 90%, come via word- of-mouth referral from one industry person to another industry person. “What makes us distinctive and able to run a mile or two faster than our competitors is every consultant on the InnTerActive team knows the hospitality & travel industry from the ground floor to the executive suite,” Lula enthuses. “We have never forgotten one of the key onboarding training skills you receive in this business, day one of your training. Every day is to be meet with a sense of urgency! Today’s mission is very clear, fill the house! And when your done doing that, fill 364 more days and if you still have time before midday, start working on next year, there is no time to waste!” Our teams’ competitive spirit drives us to leave every project, much greater than what we found it.” InnTerActive’s team plays a crucial role as each client’s needs are reviewed and the marketing and revenue growth plan is set to action. Along with the team executive leaders, who oversee all new projects and those that require immediate revenue rescues, the team member with the background that is the best fit is assigned to be a point of contact in coordinating, securing deadlines, organising team collaboration revenue meetings, client weekly updates and, most of all, accountability for the return on investments. InnTerActive tracks all programs implemented to track constant success on strategic actions. “The hospitality industry is one that takes a complete buy in from an entire team. When our clients have a vision, we not only have to bring this vision to life for the lodging and traveling consumer. We must bring it to life with enthusiasm to the team on site that will bring this dream to complete reality. Luxury is delivered best when an entire team understands the luxury experience being delivered.” Lula looks for individuals who are bold, creative, and entrepreneurial as InnTerActive Marketing is often presented with projects that others have waived off as impossible. To this end, the firm must embrace team members to fully express what may be challenging, collaborate on the impossible and then deliver on it. “Marketing luxury is not always logical, posh or practical, it is often impractically dramatic, romantic, wildly elegant and success with a side of whimsical.” There is no doubt 2020 was the most difficult year for the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry and, from its inception to its maturity, InnTerActive has experienced four downturns and some incredibly turbulent times in the industry. Therefore, the company’s team knowledge, along with Lula’s turn-around history, is as resilient and strong as it is in bountifulness. InnTerActive was fortunate that it had in its arsenal emergency plans for the clients and the marketplaces in which it operates and, although these were not ‘pandemic specific’, they were a solid foundation that assisted in minimizing losses and had the firm’s properties recovering in revenue much faster than other businesses in competitive set reporting. “This is a business that creates a lifetime of memories and experiences for traveling consumers, things may set us back, but we are all a connected and collective tribe of resilient warriors.” Regarding the future, Lula tells us what her plans are for current and future clientele: “Recovery, Recovery, and more Recovery!” she laughs! However, there are also new developments in travel & tourism on the horizon for InnTerActive, centred around the belief that the technology which exists right now can play a far bigger role in being a key component to the industry’s pandemic rebound. “Once we are free to travel the globe again, crossing experiences off your lifetime bucket list will be a big deal,” Lula says. “We must be ready as an industry of partners to deliver bold thoughts and epic experiences.” Company: InnTerActive Contact: Lula S. Cassidy Email: [email protected] Website: