Travel & Tourism Awards 2021

Page 14 LUX 2021 Travel & Tourism Awards A fine art landscape photography company, Clare Page Photography was established in 2012. The founder that the company is named for and its sole employee, Clare Page, founded it on a passion for this art medium, using her breadth and depth of experience including the knowledge she gained from using film cameras in the 1980s. In transitioning to the digital era and modern photography, a gift of a digital camera by her husband inspired a desire to fully explore and learn this medium as a professional avenue. Being a self-run business aided on the operational side by her husband, its clients can enjoy a personable one-on-one service and a friendly atmosphere. Clare Page Photography does a fair amount of travelling for its business, both overseas and locally, and it has sold its work to private individuals as well as to an exclusive holiday resort in Wanaka, New Zealand. It works hard to work to the highest possible standard on each commission and service that it offers, delivering the client’s requests and exceeding expectations. It prides itself on its quality and efficiency, receiving work and then developing an accurate and appropriate time frame that it will keep to throughout the process. It builds up a rapport with a client over the course of its work with them, with a consistent and open line of dialogue. In this way, from the commencement of the order all the way to completion, it can keep its clients informed and up to date. It treats each client with professionalism, respect, and enthusiasm, ensuring complete satisfaction by checking in with them and acting on feedback. Its core values and goals are myriad and multiple, but all in all, it keeps creativity, integrity, and authenticity at its core. In this way, it ensures that each client receives exemplary service that will see them coming back multiple times as a satisfied return customer. Based in Australia, Clare Page’s art shows nature in all its glory. Its work is notable for the use of colour and scale, creating larger than life imagery that captures the true magnificence of nature through photography. It offers a selection of limited edition prints Providing a keen and creative eye in its artistic field, Clare Page Photography is a small business with big plans for the future. Dec20224 Clare Page Photography Ltd Best Fine Art Landscape Photographer (Australia): Clare Page from Australia, New Zealand, France, and the USA, all of which can be supplied as prints, acrylic face mounts, stretched canvas, or framed landscapes ready to hang in the home or workplace. Clare Page herself was trained by the top landscape photographers in Australia and has held to her business’s values and principles since its founding, forging a strong foundation upon which it has built itself. Clare Page Photography’s art has been exhibited at hotels and a café in Brisbane, taking great pride in its ability to capture ‘extreme nature’. This means that the dynamic adventurous passion and drive behind the camera is felt in the final image; its founder takes helicopter rides, wades into freezing rivers, walks for hours, and otherwise ventures out into the wilds to harness the best snapshots of the power of nature. This is all part of its pursuit for excellence. In this way, it seeks to put its client first throughout its operations, and ‘accomplish much through adversity’. Covid-19 has proved a challenge for Clare Page photography as it adapts to changing buyer habits. The pandemic has hit revenue streams hard for many sectors, but one of the most profoundly affected has been the arts. In response to the adversity of lack of sales in 2020, it has been working on improving its services, capturing local places, sharpening its skills with photography in those regions. Looking towards what the future holds for Clare Page Photography, its focus will be getting back into world travel photography. With borders reopening within Australia, it wishes to expand its portfolio of images within the nation, travelling to some of the most iconic landmarks for its clients. It wishes to truly experience the outback. It also is hoping to travel to New Zealand when their borders reopen, hoping to add some of the remote and untouched wonders of the country to its website. In tandem with this, it will continue its navigation through Devotional photographic books and poetry, creating faith-based work outside of the medium of photography. Next year it will be focusing on research into pop- up galleries and investigating suitable shop spaces for a permanent venue. Company: Clare Page Photography Ltd Contact: Clare Page Website: