Travel & Tourism Awards 2021

Page 24 LUX 2021 Travel & Tourism Awards Since its founding in 2006 as a luxury holiday home rental agency, Select Vacation Properties has been carving out its niche in the Sanibel Island vacation rental market. Serving the islands of Sanibel and Captiva on the Gulf Coast of Southwest Florida, it has been based in the same location at Bailey’s Center at 2449 Periwinkle Way since its inception. Over the past 15 years, they have become one of the highest rated and award-recognised vacation agencies on the island. The company has achieved this vast array of accolades and accreditations through hard work and a forward- thinking approach. Select Vacation Properties has a selective attitude towards the properties it manages, a factor that became a part of its success story as it earned a reputation of quality and trust. It has also chosen to remain a small business, allowing it to ensure that each guest gets a truly personable experience that is unique to them. In this way, it tailors its services to suit each client; something that has in turn cultivated long term and positive relationships, fostering the development of a long list of return custom. Select Vacation Properties is committed to its goal of providing the perfect accommodations to meet the needs of its guests, maintaining its focus on building personal relationships based on honesty and integrity. It prides itself on being different from many of its competitors in this way. Additionally, unlike room-share marketplaces or big corporate companies in its field, Select Vacation Properties is based on the island that it operates on – ‘America’s Island Paradise’ – Sanibel Island. Because of this local advantage, it can provide 24-hour customer service to its guests seven days a week, giving them peace of mind to enjoy their holiday without worry. Select Vacation Properties is close enough that it can reach the property quickly and solve any issue efficiently. Room-sharing enterprises and online marketplace holiday home rentals usually cannot claim the same. Offering an array of stunning properties for holiday rental on ‘America’s Island Paradise’, Select Vacation Properties is a small company with a big focus on social responsibility. Dec20467 Select Vacation Properties Best Sanibel Island Vacation Rental Company 2021 Between them, its staff has more than 75 years of combined experience in the real estate and vacation industries on Sanibel. This puts Select Vacation Properties in excellent standing as a wealth of information both in its industry, and its region. ‘No one knows the Island better,’ it told us, and the love of the area held by the core staff shows in its work. With each colleague living on Florida’s Gulf Coast and working exclusively on Sanibel, it can offer its guests so much more than just what is contained in travel guides and brochures. It is this dedication that brings customers back again and again, and with a community-based model that champions an enthusiastic attitude towards working with its clients, it views each guest as being brought into the family. Its staff spends most of their time out and about around the island, and its beaches, and it encourages them to truly connect to the local area. Within its office it mirrors this with the design of the work environment. The workspace has no cubicles or walls to separate people, allowing a collaborative internal experience. Further to this, it operates with a flat hierarchy to ensure that no voice is overshadowed, and everyone gets a say in the business’s decisions. Its focus when it comes to its staff is on maintaining constant, friendly, and open communication. This has meant that Select Vacation Properties’ intrinsic culture is one of trust and transparency. Alongside its duty to its clients, it has a duty towards the island itself too. Throughout its lifetime as a company it has taken corporate social responsibility very seriously, ensuring the preservation of the environment and character of the island is always factored into its business moves. With Sanibel being an international destination for its magnificent beaches, Select Vacation Properties is the agency of choice for those planning a Florida dream vacation, or for Sanibel Island property owners who want to be part of a trustworthy and innovative rental program. Company: Select Vacation Properties Contact: Christopher Reublin Website: