Travel & Tourism Awards 2021

4. Global Rescue LLC: Best Travel Risk Management Solutions Organization - USA 6. LOCOTRAVEL GmbH: Most Comprehensive Travel Management Agency - Germany 7. Northern Travel Services: Best Minibus Driver Training Company - Northern England 8. Tuncurry Coach Tours: Leader in Australian Regional Travel & Tourism 2021 9. Discover Scandinavia Tours: Best Northern Europe Leisure Tour Operator - North America 10. Sunlight Resorts: Best Holiday RV Resort – Florida 11. InnTerActive: Best Outsourcing Hospitality Marketing Consulting Firm - New York 12. VSN HUB – MARKETING LEAD SINGLE MEMB PC: Best Ancient Greek Tourism Agency 13. Aurora Fossil Museum Foundation, Inc.: Best Non-Profit Science Museum - South Atlantic USA 14. Clare Page: Photography Ltd Best Fine Art Landscape Photographer (Australia): Clare Page 15. Blank Canvas: Most Unique Outbound Adventure Travel Experience – London 16. Inspiration Cruises & Tours: Best Christian Travel Management Company 2021 17. Unearth Experience Pty Ltd: Best Bespoke Luxury Travel Company – Africa: Discover Africa 18. Trunk Travel: Best Ethical & Cultural DMC - South East Asia 19. Arts & Crafts Tours: Best Bespoke Arts Tours Operator – USA 20. CARE Travel: Small-Group & Destination Wedding Travel Specialists of the Year - Midwest USA 21. Hyssop Travel: Best Luxury & Wellness Travel Agency - Southern California 22. World Traveler News: Best Independent International Travel Photo journalist (USA): Peter A Distefano 23. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney: Best Luxury Hotel 2021 - Sydney 24. Select Vacation Properties: Best Sanibel Island Vacation Rental Company 2021 25. Ashley Manor: B&B of the Year - Cape Cod 26. TML TRAVEL GROUP LIMITED: Most Unique Niche Tour Operators – UK 27. John Hall’s Alaska Cruises & Tours L.L.C.: Best Alaskan Tour Operator 2021 - USA 28. Chigwell Tours: Best Bespoke Tours Operator - Essex, England 29. URBAN GINGA: Leading Destination Management Company - South Africa 30. Waterways & Beyond: Best Luxury French Barge Cruise Operator – USA 31. OFF-ROADS: Best Luxury Travel Events Agency – Tokyo 32. Point South KOA: Best Woodland Camping Destination - Beaufort County 33. De Luxe Life: Luxury Travel Advisor of the Year 2021 - Hong Kong 34. Golf Reservation Center: Best North & Latin American Golf Travel Specialists 2021 35. BizAway: Most Innovative Travel Booking Solution 2021: BizAway 36. Archipelago Wildlife Cruises: Best Marine Wildlife Tour Operator - British Columbia 37. Global Artichoke Ltd: Best International Private Travel Company - UK 38. Lucid Travel: Best Sport Team Travel Management Specialists – USA: The Clear Choice 39. Travel Trade Caribbean s.r.l.: Best Latin America Tourism Platform - Italy 40. Willows Bird of Prey Centre: Best Family Day Out 2021 - Sevenoaks 41. Visumo Travel: Best Luxury Italian Travel Business – UK: Che Lusso! 42. World Traveler 365: Best Luxury Travel Agency - Colorado 43. Kloudout: Best Global Luxury Travel Lifestyle Brand – USA