Travel & Tourism Awards 2021

Page 34 LUX 2021 Travel & Tourism Awards Golf Reservation Center is a full-service golf tour operator, offering a portfolio of lodging options and tee times in many of the best golf travel markets in the Caribbean, Mexico and US. Beginning life in the Dominican Republic, the company was renowned as being by far the most knowledgeable and most respected golf tour operator in the marketplace. As a highly professional and experienced team, Golf Reservation Center is able to assist in everything from your reservation process, arrival at the airport, check-in at your lodging and your daily experiences at the many beautiful golf courses on offer. The company provides many online reservation platforms for several of the largest golf resorts, where it offers a seamless reservation process using integrated software, meaning that it can offer live tee time availability. There is also no need to await confirmation of your booking, simply entering your details and payment will generate your play voucher. Many of the IAGTO (International Association Golf Tour Operators) members utilize the third-party portal, where they also encounter a seamless reservation and transportation experience for their clients. Heather Hafner, of the Golf Reservation Center, tells us more about the firm and how it attracts new clients. “Having spent 15 years in the Punta Cana marketplace, we have organically grown to a robust web presence and of course, the most important sales approach is our Referral Business,” she begins. “Quite simply, we are reliable. We reply and follow-up on all inquiries and we are on top of our services at all times.” Despite being hit hard by the pandemic, the travel and hospitality industry has some success stories emerging of companies that were not only able to stay afloat, but also to thrive. We speak to Heather Hafner about the Golf Reservation Center and how it is poised for future growth. Jan21426 Golf Reservation Center Best North & Latin American Golf Travel Specialists 2021 When recruiting new talent, Heather stresses how important it is to the company that new team members cannot afford to let any inquiry go unanswered, and that the team rely on each other at all times. “We are a small firm, but collectively, we get the job done.” As the uncertainty in the global travel sector grows, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Golf Reservation Center has continued to be flexible with its clients as countries limit travel, close their borders, require testing to return home, and abide by quarantining regulations. There were however, as Heather embellishes, some unexpected benefits. “Due to the fact that we refunded 100% of all cancellations without question, we have returning clients, and new clients, coming to us,” Heather enthuses. “We have it in writing that we were the only company to turn around cancellations and refunds so clients will continue to look at us for their future travels.” Heather and the team’s plans for 2021 are simply to continue to offer exceptional service selling the products and services that they know so well. With a large focus on technology, Golf Reservation Center will strive to grow its automated platform so that clients can book real-time vacations that include a full-service lodging and golf package. Company: Golf Reservation Center Contact: Heather Hafner Website: