Travel & Tourism Awards 2021 Page 39 LUX 2021 Travel & Tourism Awards Best Latin America Tourism Platform Italy LUX life M A G A Z I N E 2021 With a win of the Best Latin America Tourism Platform for Italy under its belt, publication company Travel Trade Caribbean has been engaging in an almost full pivot to digital work, building on an existing online platform. Discover how this publication is aiding tourism’s recovery from COVID-19. Travel Trade Caribbean s.r.l. Best Latin America Tourism Platform - Italy Dec20425 Travel Trade Caribbean is a publication that is developed for an international readership and has garnered the attention of globetrotters worldwide. It is first and foremost dedicated to the promotion and bolstering of the tourism industry in the Caribbean and Latin America by way of enticingly written pieces regarding travel news, destinations, and attractions in the region. The Travel Trade Caribbean publication was founded in 1996 and has been going strong ever since, based out of its headquarters in Turin, Italy. It also has a correspondent’s office in Havana, Cuba, and uses this as a key focal point of its operations. Currently, the product itself is made up of a set of publications that are published in multiple different languages, including Italian, Spanish, English, and French. This allows its reach to be vast, especially considering that this publication works on a digital platform as well as in print; the market it intends to reach are professionals in tourism, trade and business, and the public. Therefore, to serve such a range in terms of audience, the publication is one of diverse and well- developed content made to be informative and relevant as well as to inspire its reader to travel. The content manifests in the form of a series of in-depth articles, covering interviews with national and regional tourism governing and regulations bodies, general information on statistics and air connections, and hotel openings. Of course, this only a small snapshot of what the publication has covered, as it strives to keep each edition topical and adaptive, reacting to its dynamic and changeable industry. TTC include the coverage of massive tourism fairs, too; Fitur, ITB Berlin, Bit Milan, Top Resa, FIT Argentina, WTM London, and FITCuba, all of these are examples of fairs it has reported on. This has made it a pivotal part of tourism trade fairs as an ecosystem. After all, much of the benefit of such events for businesses is the resulting publicity, which is something Travel Trade Caribbean can offer. Its spreads dedicated to giving the business sector and trade news a home are appreciated by its corporate and professional readers, and to further bolster this, it attends commercial fairs such as the Havana International Trade Fair. Covering both types of events ensures it can keep all aspects of its readership appropriately informed of relevant developments in their sectors. Furthermore, this dedication to in depth and professionally handled journalism is what has gained it notoriety. In tandem with its regular publications, it produces an edition of the Caribbean Operators Book every year, a written tourism guide that has proven extremely popular. It also publishes an e-bulletin three times a week containing news and editorial, sent through a mailing list of over 145 000 contacts. Due to the reach of its magazine and being a business itself, Travel Trade Caribbean knows the importance of good advertising; and so do its customers. To further serve its readership, it offers clients advertising space within the publication, allowing it to support their businesses through helping them to reach a wider audience. These spaces are most often used by tourism authorities, hotel chains, travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, wellness centers, production and export companies, and transporters – but this is not an exhaustive list. Its advertising spaces have also allowed it to develop beneficial business relationships across the board. The establishment of these alliances both with Travel Trade Caribbean and with other businesses in industry mean a company can further boost its success in the macro. Its highly qualified personnel make sure each advertisement and each article can make the subject shine. In everything from the journalistic flair to the design, marketing, and IT elements of its operation, it prioritises the positive impact of its work on the industry it serves. Of course, working within tourism, Travel Trade Caribbean has seen the impacts of Covid-19 on its industry first-hand. The outbreak has caused mass shutdowns and closures across the board, and border closures saw every element of travel and leisure struggling to keep afloat. Therefore, Travel Trade Caribbean responded by supporting its struggling sector with its work, enhancing its digital products, and carving out a more established online niche for itself and its clients. Since becoming more active in its online presence, it has seen a boost to its social media and remote readers, resulting in a demand for more content. It rose to this challenge with new electronic newsletters, email marketing, and moving some print only editions to digital. In 2021, it intends to continue this, supporting the recovery of its industry as best it can. Company: Travel Trade Caribbean s.r.l. Contact: Narmys Cándano García Email: [email protected] Website: Facebook: @TTCaribbean