Travel & Tourism Awards 2021 Page 43 LUX 2021 Travel & Tourism Awards Kloudout is a premium lifestyle management company, dedicated to proving concierge services to those who are cash-rich but time poor. We speak to Yohanes Zewdu about the company and what is can offer. Kloudout Best Global Luxury Travel Lifestyle Brand – USA Feb21111 Luxury lifestyle management brand, Kloudout, supports its members in their busy lives by providing concierge services which are professional and discreet to ensure that all requests are carried out with diligence and meticulous attention to detail. The premium firm’s goal is not to necessarily cater to the price conscious individual, but to the time conscious individual. Each client is looked after by their own dedicated lifestyle manager who is on-hand 24 hours a day to take charge of any tasks that take up precious time. Whether it’s securing a last-minute booking at a Michelin-starred restaurant, gaining access to a sold-out event or organising business trips and dream holidays, Kloudout lifestyle managers take care of all the details so that members can get on with enjoying life. Currently, the firm operates across the USA, in bustling cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami; in the Middle East in countries such as Dubai; and also in Europe, including Spain, Greece and the UK. Chief Executive Officer, Yohanes Zewdu, tells us more about the firm and its ethos. “By understanding, and adapting to, the diverse culture of the global markets we are able to apply out knowledge to see Kloudout flourish,” he begins. “However much we move ad shift with the times, our core values will always remain the same, and they are to stay on completely the same channel as our clients in order to continue to provide an exemplary service to them.” Kloudout serves a wide range of clients as the service can be related to many industries, however around 80% of its clients are high end high-end individuals, such as celebrities, business people and athletes, who employ the services of Kloudout to help organise their hectic lifestyles. “We don’t approach our clients, we don’t need to,” states Yohanes. “Instead, we let our service do the work for us - after an excellent experience with Kloudout, our clients are the ones who pass on the business to us by recommending the brand to their community and surroundings.” Up to 70% of the firm’s business comes from word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients, which sets it aside from those competitors who feel the need to advertise their services constantly. Instead, Kloudout’s USP is to focus on customer excellence and retain its first- class reputation. It’s not all just about the service that is offered, but also the way the service is provided, and this is where the dedicated and passionate staff at Kloudout come into the equation. “Without our staff Kloudout will not be at this level,” says Yohanes, singing the praises of his hardworking employees. “Teamwork is key, and having diverse ideas and mixed cultures within our environment makes Kloudout unique and stand out from the rest.” When recruiting, Yohanes has a very clear idea of what it is he is looking for in – a social butterfly with an upbeat character. “Our industry is a service focused community and individuals with that type of character are the one who will help your business succeed.” Yohanes tells us that he had very much a love/hate relationship with the year 2020, in the fact that it was potentially very damaging with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the hospitality industry so badly, but it also brought with it opportunity. “Being a positive and creative person I found the positive in the negative situation. During lockdown, our business was 100% shut down so I had to think outside of the box and I found a new way of survival by understanding a new market - health and wellness. 2020 definitely gave me the chance to refresh my mind and recharge for what’s coming.” And what is coming is going to make 2021 both a great and a challenging year for Kloudout. With much in the pipeline, Yohanes fills us in on the most important highlights, including expansion into the Middle East; the representation of new events; attendance of Dubai expos; as well as an increased focus on the US and Australian markets; plus Yohanes plans to begin accepting Bitcoin payments so that clients can utilise this currency of the future. “I have many plans for the brand and I am looking forward to taking on the challenge of 2021.” Company: Kloudout Contact: Yohanes Zewdu Website: