Travel & Tourism Awards 2021

Page 6 LUX 2021 Travel & Tourism Awards Many agencies representing artists choose LOCOTRAVEL because of its ability to fulfil the personal preferences and desires of its clients. Understanding the unique needs and wishes of artists, managers and promoters in today’s music industry has ensured the firm can offer an unlimited and all-inclusive service when it comes to a business trip. To start, Sascha provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “With our clients coming from various fields of the arts, entertainment, and business world, we can offer them a full travel service including booking cars, hotels, flights, event locations, unique experiences, luxury cruises, luxury villas and private charters. Focusing on the electronic music industry in particular, we have been organising travel for world class music talent for over a decade.” Across Germany, the firm is in direct competition with several other travel management companies, however as Sascha goes on to explain, its employees and a commitment to innovation has enabled the firm to stand out from the crowd. “Firstly, what makes us special is the members of our team who help deliver a truly personal service with 24/7 availability. Of most importance to us is finding solutions to ensure our travellers can focus on what’s most important to them. Since inception, these core values have not changed. With today’s travellers looking for more than a traditional travel management service, to meet these demands we have automated most of our services and started to offer clients the latest travel technology gadgets.” Established in 2009, LOCOTRAVEL GmbH specialise in comprehensive business travel management, creating a travel plan that takes client’s individual requests and travel wishes into account. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the Travel & Tourism Awards 2021, we got in touch with Sascha Koch, the owner and founder of the company, to find out more. Jan21052 LOCOTRAVEL GmbH Most Comprehensive Travel Management Agency - Germany With each team member at LOCOTRAVEL playing such a vital role in the success of the firm, any new recruits must be able to fit into its internal culture as Sascha points out. “Each member represents the full package when it comes to skills, knowledge and customer service. With our culture being very important to us, everyone must show the same dedication to our clients, which includes new employees. As a family, we approach each other with empathy, love, and openness. Helping each other out whenever possible is what makes us the strong team we are.” Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the firm were well prepared for the pandemic thanks to its business model as Sascha explains further. “Automation has certainly changed the way the travel industry operates. However, we have been working remotely from five different European countries for years before there was any talk of remote working on the continent of Europe. As we were already prepared for the structural changes caused by COVID-19, we are now in a much better position to meet the expectations than some of our competitors. “Although the pandemic in general has devastated the travel industry, as traditional travel came to a virtual stand we expanded our private charter segment and refocused our efforts on private jet fillers. Additionally, we have invested in new software and PR campaigns to successfully raise our market share in the segment.” Finally, Sascha shares some of the firm’s future plans as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “Moving forward, our aim is to be fully prepared for the time when international travel returns. When travelling with LOCOTRAVEL, we want our clients to feel safe and to experience travelling like a VIP. Naturally then, to support this we will be looking to diversify our offerings even further in the future as we seek to remain a well-known and trusted name on the European private jet travel market.” Company: LOCOTRAVEL GmbH. Name: Sascha Koch, founder & owner Email: [email protected] Phone: +49.6152.958.2703 Website: IG: travel_locotravel Facebook: LOCOTRAVEL