Travel & Tourism Awards 2022

Page 10 LUX 2022 Travel & Tourism Awards The Bamboo Group was established in 2016 by cofounders Colin and Mark, who have a combined experience of over four decades in international travel and give-back initiatives. Moreover, the two share the same mission and outlook that travel companies should give back to the communities they visit along with having an undeniably eco-friendly and ‘funtastic’ time. The two founders have built a business foundation based on their Welsh and Kiwi culture. Mark and Colin created Bamboo to embody these ideologies while adding a proud, professional, and gentle approach to their vision by sharing a passion for adventure travel, appreciating diverse cultures, and combating global issues like animal welfare and climate change. Since its inception, Bamboo has taken great pride in its work, remaining steadfast in its commitment to making the world a better place through travel. For six years, Mark and Colin have dedicated their efforts to creating a difference in all Bamboo connections – customers and communities alike. However, while the foundation of Bamboo is firmly rested on the two cofounders’ beliefs and values, the company would not be where it is today without the appreciation and significant efforts of the Bamboo team. “Our team bleed green, and without them, we are nothing. Both Colin and I are so proud of each one of them! We have amassed a large network of followers over the years; although we come in different shapes and sizes, we are all striving for the Operating in 11 countries with over 30 tours on offer, The Bamboo Group is a nationally recognized travel company acknowledged as the Best Global Eco-Friendly Adventure Travel Company. Offering a focus on two primary markets, 18+ and 50+, Bamboo can provide a ‘Young @ Heart’ escape for young hearts and young minds. Dec21461 Bamboo Best Global EcoFriendly Adventure Travel Company 2022 same goal – love to live, live to love,” enthuses cofounder Mark Foster-Murray. Bamboo has been nurtured and is continually growing and developing to ensure it keeps ahead of the travel industry by encompassing a fresher approach to travel. With Bamboo circling the founders’ eco-friendly, cultural, and diverse ideals, the company embraces this through its core, utilizing it as the essence of business. Tours that are provided truly capture that essence and are designed around the mission of having a positive impact where travelers and communities can work together. This leaves behind a heart-warming legacy of cultural experiences and adventure. While some companies are focused on the competition of this niche market, Bamboo is focused on setting an example of how the world should travel – with awareness, consideration, and respect for the different cultures that people visit. For Bamboo, success is driven by its customers who choose to stand out, not assimilate like other travel companies showcase. It puts forth a Bamboo adventure that brings memorable experiences whilst being environmentally and culturally compassionate. Bamboo has been gaining steady recognition over the years, which is heavily tailored to its customers. “We have an open forum for people to chat and discuss everything related to their tour. We have found that customers advising customers is far more powerful than our customer service team. At Bamboo, we believe in progress over perfection. You can’t expect perfection on a dusty bouncy road in Cambodia, but you can enjoy the ride,” explains Mark. In 2022, Bamboo is strapping on its boots and is more than ready to get a great big ball of adventure rolling again. Company: Bamboo [We Are Bamboo Co. Ltd.] Name: Mark Foster-Murray Web Address: