Travel & Tourism Awards 2022 Page 13 LUX 2022 Travel & Tourism Awards Recognised as Asia’s leading travel technology company and Singapore’s Best Online Outbound Travel Agency, Tripwerkz provides online travel booking services such as hotel reservations, airline tickets, packages, customised tours, and various corporate travel management applications for customers internationally. Tripwerkz Pte. Ltd (Singapore) Best Online Outbound Travel Agency - Singapore Dec21241 Based in Singapore, Tripwerkz provides more than just the standard services of those offered by traditional travel agencies. Tripwerkz is founded under two principles – to support customers by aiding them with solutions, to ensure more accessible booking services, and to provide business partners with a trusted platform, allowing customers to access their services internationally. Other platforms under Tripwerkz includes Yousafir (Middle East), Qichengbao (China), as well as TravelBex business platform and GoETM executive travel management services. For Tripwerkz, innovation is at the core of the company, and for innovation to occur, staff members are intrinsically focused on the needs of the customers. Tricia Ng, Director of Tripwerkz, explains, “We leverage on their feedback to develop products and services that address the gaps they face at the moment. Our approach to finding solutions for our users is what drives our success. However, given the dynamic outlook of the industry, we are in no position to be complacent. Instead, continuous improvement is essential for us to grow our business to track.” In a customer-centric business, Tripwerkz connects with customers while adopting innovative technologies that searches for the best rates from over one million inventories around the world. As a result, Tripwerkz provides discerning travellers with comparably better rates and an easy-to-use platform that allows customers to book on a single form without the mess and fuss of navigating a series of websites and complex numbers. In addition, Tripwerkz provides a luxury travel segment focused on excellence and high-quality experiences that are organised and individualised for premium customer satisfaction. Tricia explains, “Customers from this segment want tailored packages that are not based off a cookie-cutter approach. In our approach toward the pursuit of perfection, we have our destination experts attending individual travellers, assisting them in creating a customised package based on their needs and wants.” Tripwerkz is the top-innovator of the travel industry as it continuously builds bridges to all clientele and partner services for easier and quality travelling. By providing an all-in-one platform that brings ticketing, reservations, and promo packages together, consumers find the best offers at the palm of their hands while travel agencies, hotels, restaurants and other business owners broaden their reach to their customers. Trend setting services continue with TravelBex, the ultimate business platform for the travel industry. With a highly developed API, it maximises the reach not only to the B2B sector, but to B2C segments as well. Businesses can now set up their prime trade online to operators and consumers all over the world. After signing up with zero costs, travel businesses like travel agencies, hotels, car rentals and property owners can offer their services globally to other business partners and direct consumers. It’s easy and great accessibility mutually benefits travellers and businesses towards excellent travel management.In communicating with several sectors that make up the business, the quality staff is integral to the success across all parts of the company. Providing the essence and reflecting the core of the company’s values, staff members are dependent on ensuring daily operations are effective. When recruiting new talent, Tripwerkz ensures that its potential members work hard and possess qualities that embody the business. “As mentioned earlier, innovation is at the heart of what we do, and this is intrinsically linked to empathy, where we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. In a travel tech scene, changes are continuous, and we need talents to be tenacious in their endeavour,” explains Tricia. Adopting an open culture effect, Tripwerkz ensures that while customers are being understood and cared for, so are the employees. By exchanging feedback regularly and listening to any queries, Tripwerkz can establish continuous internal improvements, which aids customer satisfaction. Thus, the company can better compete within the industry. Like many sectors in business, the pandemic also brought some inconvenience to Tripwerkz however, due to the insurgent of new variants, the company reacted by developing products and services that would address the everchanging requirements and needs of the travellers. “We recognised the pent-up demand for travel during this period, and this has given us a good outlook that travel is still sought after by many people. In summary, this has provided us with an opportunity to think and align our strategy for the long term,” boasts Tricia. Continually developing services and products to ensure all end-users are thoroughly satisfied, Tripwerkz is working with innovative companies to provide solutions to its customers, enhance experiences, and be ready to launch within the new year. Company: Tripwerkz Pte. Ltd (Singapore) Name: Tricia Ng (Ms.) Email: [email protected] Web Address: