Travel & Tourism Awards 2022 Page 15 LUX 2022 Travel & Tourism Awards Recently regarded within the Travel and Tourism Awards as the Best International Travel Magazine 2022, World Traveler News has established itself as an honest and unbiased source for travel information. WTN reports to its readers on destinations, hotels, restaurants, sites, and transportation that members of the company have personally visited. World Traveler News Best International Travel Magazine 2022 Dec21163 World Traveler News was founded by Peter A Distefano, an internationally renowned photographer and editor-in-chief. Peter has dedicated his passion to providing readers with real experiences, travelling around the globe to showcase incredible images that capture the world’s beauty whilst informing readers with enlightening editorials, sharing experiences throughout every process. Peter has over four decades of experience with imagery that captures some of the world’s most beautiful countries. From Africa, Armenia, Thailand, to Malaysia, Peter is able to take his readers on a visual tour of the world through masterful photographs and news of local travel events. Established as an international internet-based travel magazine, WTN brings enjoyment and education back into the travel information sector by highlighting the breath-taking views of foreign escapes, rolling hills, wild foliage, towering falls, exquisite architectural structures, and more. All interlocked with fascinating stories, experiences, and eye-opening, mind-wandering articles that entice readers to submerge into the words or plan their next trip. What ensures that the magazine sustains unbiased integrity is its no advertising rule, thus allowing WTN to report both the good, the real, the honest truth, and gives readers consistent information that will provide them with a stressfree and enjoyable travel adventure of their own. For WTN, upholding its values is the most important aspect of the company as it reflects the essence and backbone of the entire magazine. “Our fundamental core values and goals have not changed since the magazine’s inception, and if anything, we have strengthened them each year since our inception,” explains Founder Peter A Distefano. The WTN is primarily recognised as an international travel magazine; however, the company also includes the potential hazards and updates that international travellers may need. From visa information, trusted traveller programs, or where one may find medical or Embassy aid whilst abroad, WTN provides it all. Thus, providing a well-rounded, fun, educational, beautiful, engaging, and informative package that readers can enjoy at their leisure. Currently, most WTN clients are couples within a 25 to 50+ age group therefore, the magazine recommends travel sites and travel information that fits within various categories to allow its readers to enjoy the full potency of benefits that its writers have to offer. However, while WTN advises on various travel locations and paramount sites, it is not a seller of travel and should not be confused with the latter. At WTN, its renowned photojournalists are extensively trained to learn information about what places, cities, restaurants, hotels and transportation providers can offer to the travellers who read the magazine. The information learned, gathered and shared is utilised by the company itself, asking questions for its client travellers or requesting additional information of that service to be added to the articles. Unfortunately, the most common questions lately are around the Covid-19 predicament and its effect on travels. “This is the most significant challenge for everyone, including us. We and our readers want to know what each country requires for entry in this Covid Era. Some countries requirements seem to be varying weekly, including the re-entry requirements back into the country you left from. This poses as difficult for all involved,” explains Peter. While the pandemic has affected physical travel to various locations, WTN has been able to keep its readers up to date with the latest information regarding Covid-19 regulations and requirements. Thus, ensuring everyone will be well educated on several locations and be looked after by the reporters at WTN. At WTN, readers can enjoy an escape away from home by diving into one of the carefully crafted articles written by its talented reporters. With that, they can find imperative, education and riving information ready to be utilised for when they book their well-deserved break. Company: World Traveler News Name: Peter A Distefano, cpia, rhu, vtc – editor in chief Web address: