Travel & Tourism Awards 2022 Page 21 LUX 2022 Travel & Tourism Awards Established over ten years ago, TML Travel Group Limited has been recognised in the travel industry as the Most Unique Niche Tour Operators – UK for the third successive year. Providing exceptional coach tourism, tour management, operations, transport management, special events and conferences, TML operates its tours under the branding, ‘Discerning Tours for Discerning People.’ TML Travel Group Limited Most Unique Niche Tour Operators – UK Dec21370 Launched in April of 2010, TML Travel Group Limited has offered unique, consistent, and professional services within the travel industry with tours designed to appeal to the more discerning traveller. David Arkell, Founder of TML, has over three decades of experience within the industry and is showcasing his talents and appreciation for the niche market by offering a personalised touch to its tours with better quality travelling experience and accommodation for its customers. The itineraries are designed to ensure that the tours are exciting and innovative, capturing the flavour of the United Kingdom’s most interesting destinations. Moreover, while the tours are recognized for visiting some of the grand and beautiful places, TML also showcases several lesser-known attractions, opening the minds of the passengers and encouraging historical connection and appreciation for these seldom-seen locations. Regardless of the destination, plans are thoroughly mapped out and organised to ensure clients will have an enjoyable, informative, and relaxing time with experiences and excursions included along the way. Ranging from lunch or afternoon tea in some of the most beautiful and alluring locations or a simple whisky tasting experience to unwind and enjoy the delicate pleasures of life on holiday. Since 2015, TML has been operating a successful group tour operation for special interest groups generally looking for an upmarket travelling experience with excursions and experiences to match. “This area has become an important part of our business and is aimed at clients with a higher disposable income, looking for a tour experience as much as a holiday, staying in predominantly 4-star hotels,” states Founder David Arkell. In doing so, TML has been attracting clients searching for a high-quality, escorted tour who aren’t interested in the traditional, mainstream coach holiday but perhaps, instead, are more used to a cruise experience. As clients are the backbone of the business, they are treated like friends and family, welcomed instantly, catered and cared for throughout the entire duration of the tour. As each person is entirely individual, even within a group, a package is completely customisable within the existing product structure to ensure that itineraries are fresh, exciting and most importantly, beloved by everyone within. David says “Our tours are very much custom-built for each departure (even if we’ve operated it or been to that destination many times before) and a lot more artisan than many of the mainstream massmarket operators.” Established as a family-owned and operated company, TML has gained a reputation within the industry and amongst its competitors for its personalised service, excellent professionalism, genuine care and passion for its tours. Providing one of the best upmarket tour experiences within its niche. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented several challenges within the travel sector. For example, Covid-19 has severely impacted the operation of tours, which was difficult in itself without the added restrictions that encircled the aftermath of the pandemic. David explains, “We do a lot of tours to Scotland, but because of the devolved nature of the UK in terms of governance, this made things a lot more challenging. But, unfortunately, not all the restrictions were uniform across all parts of the UK, and this presented us with several operational headaches.” However, like all creative and successful businesses, to succeed is to push through the storm and come out the other end looking at any remnants of positivity there may have been. For TML, the pandemic opened many doors and raised its profile, adding new clients to the list. With more people understanding what the company has to offer and what services it provides that differentiate it from the mainstream, the brand of TML is maximising its use of online platforms with great exposure from social media. Recently, TML has begun working on a new tour series labelled as ‘Scenic Scotland,’ which was initially created pre-Covid-19 but was pushed back until recently. The idea for this location stemmed from David’s early career in the 1990s doing tours in Scotland, and thus, TML locked down the idea and pushed to publish a small selection of tours dedicated to Scotland using some wonderful 3- and 4-star hotels, that offer a true Scottish welcome and excellent cuisine, combined with an excellent standard of accommodation, plus additional facilities such as spa treatments, put front and centre for the new year. At TML, regardless of the location, a tour with them will be a tour you will enjoy and never forget. Company Name: TML Travel Group Limited Contact Name: David Arkell Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]