Travel & Tourism Awards 2022

Page 24 LUX 2022 Travel & Tourism Awards Being a specialist in adventure, GoKo Travels is a company providing travellers with access to sustainable travel options such as immersive adventure holidays, conservation projects, eco-lodges, villas, and high-end getaways suchlike. Critically, all of its escapes are presented to its clientele in order to provide them with a stress-free and ecologically responsible way to enjoy highend holidaymaking, preserving the delicate environmental balances of our world and supporting the local communities as best it can. Conserving wildlife and empowering native communities, its focus is on ensuring these ethical holidays tread lightly in the local area whilst also ensuring its guests have an incredible time and come away relaxed, refreshed, and having learned something about the world outside of their everyday lives. GoKo Travels, a provider of exemplary travel experiences, prides itself on the creation of ethical and tailor-made holidays and sustainable excursions all over the world. Taking care of the people and places whom it visits and who travel with it, its staff each operate with the duty of care at the top of their priority list, the organization ensures it treads lightly in the ecosystems it visits and pays appropriately into the local economies of nearby people. Becoming a more and more popular way to travel the world, GoKo Travels is excited to see itself growing in notoriety, and is looking forward to where fostering its clients’ need for adventure will take them in the future. Dec21171 GoKoTravels Best Sustainable Group Adventure Agency - London GoKo Travels carbon neutralises every trip as standard, and also donates a percentage of each sale to its charity, the GoKo Earth Preservation. Fundamentally, its other charity partners include Sea Shepherd and the World Land Trust – which David Attenborough is a part of – in order to keep giving back to the world it seeks to give its clients a more personal introduction to. All that being said, the emphasis is still very much on the customer for GoKo. No matter the client’s needs, it funnels its efforts into ensuring it can rise to the challenge of any specifications. On the whole, it sees a lot of young professionals using its services, anywhere between 25 and 40 who want to travel in the least damaging way possible, seeking to submerge themselves in immersive, authentic adventure getaways that are by their very nature off of the beaten path whilst not venturing where might do harm to local populations. Making itself its client’s travel partner, it seeks to understand what they wish to get out of a holiday and to empathise with their vision, passions, and personality; in this manner, it ensures that every holiday it designs has been made to fit that specific customer, their group, and their ideals, always excited to share passions with its guests. Obsessed with quality of service, authenticity, and transparency, it promises that nothing about it is a gimmick. Critically, its unabashed love of the environment can be seen in its aim to purchase of its very own GoKo rainforest reserve to defend it from deforestation or exploitation, its active fight to defend against habitat destruction, its dedication to the aid of creating new national parks in order to support local economies, native communities, and the thriving ecosystem. Therefore, it also finds it important that any new hires it takes on also share this attitude. Seeking passionate, friendly, sustainably conscious individuals, GoKo takes the time to ensure it caters for its staff’s needs and finds out what makes them tick so they can create the best working environment for each individual. GoKo cares deeply about the comfort of its staff and ensure they are in just as safe a space and just as enjoyable a position as the clients. Despite covid-19, GoKo Travel has expanding and developing greatly over the past 18 months, and with the help of their incredible team, they wish to change travel habits forever. Having developed its brand, partnered with professionals across a myriad of markets, and prepped some exciting marketing and PR things for release soon – including an immersive virtual reality expedition – it invites clients to follow them on social media, and support its winner of the ‘Dream Job Opportunity’ competition in her climb up Everest come October. Company: GoKo Travels Contact: George Game Website: