Travel & Tourism Awards 2022

Page 32 LUX 2022 Travel & Tourism Awards In February 2020, Lydia Shangu founded her company, Shangu Business Services. The company provides insight into communication strategies, lobbying, due diligence, and bespoke consulting services for businesses looking to expand operations into DRC and sub-Saharan Africa. Lydia tells us, “Our core values are loyalty, honesty, trust, simplicity, positivity, reliability and commitment. By embedding our values into the services we provide to our clients to help them achieve their goals, we contribute to their success. Our experience gives us a unique vision in areas such as the improvements required to achieve international sales, and the ability to plan and facilitate business growth.” With offerings as diverse as opportunity assessment, customer care training, advertising and marketing, recruitment services, research and student services, it’s no surprise that SBS is defining itself as a onestop shop for all its clients outsourcing needs. Lydia explains, “At SBS, we’re entrepreneurs first. We put ourselves in your shoes when coming up with solutions. And we ensure they’re simple to understand and execute. We strive to bring solutions to life as soon as possible to solve problems quickly. Our aim isn’t only to deliver but to create value for you and your firm for the foreseeable future.” Adding to the long list of services SBS offers, the company has recently added health treatment and travel facilitation. South African consulting firm, Shangu Business Services, provides a wealth of services to its clients. Supporting businesses of all sizes, the company – based in Johannesburg – has a second office in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We speak to the company’s Founder and Managing Director to find out more. Dec21112 Shangu Business Services Best Health Treatment & Travel Facilitation Service - South Africa Due to healthcare underfunding and low staffing levels in DRC, the waiting lists for complex treatment are often too long. This leaves patients with a dilemma that SBS is helping to address. The company offers liaison and coordination services for DRC residents seeking medical treatment in South Africa. As part of the service, the company sources medical practitioners and arranges appointments. SBS also takes the strain when it comes to travel arrangements, arranging flights and transfers, and taking care of all specific requirements. The team also provides an essential translation service for patients who are not fluent in English. Experienced medical translators are on hand to interpret between the patient and their medical practitioner as required. Lydia is proud of the staff at SBS, “My staff play a very big role in the company. They’re productive, strive hard to deliver their best and achieve targets on time. When it comes to hiring new talent we look for ambitious people that show enthusiasm and passion. They should be able to deliver results, be team players, hard workers and show long term potential. I describe the internal culture at SBS as motivating, flexible, connected, progressive and happy.” Like most in South Africa, the company is still facing significant economic challenges as a result of COVID-19. Yet, Lydia remains positive and focused on seizing and developing new opportunities for the company. Looking to 2022 and beyond, SBS is developing a new travel and tourism service as well as a loyalty scheme to reward its current clients. Contact: Lydia Shangu Company: Shangu Business Services Web Address: